As Seen On TV Copper Pan – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Copper pan as seen on TV: Do they        

Many of the infomercials related to home use products you see on TV are not worth the effort as most are of cheap quality and mere gimmicks that you would well ignore. However a few As Seen On TV products have a big market like the Copper Chef cookware and Red Copper cookware

Copper pan As seen on TV are a big rage now. With good heating capacity and robust performance these are well sought after. Do these products actually measure up to the advertisements that guarantee these products are the ultimate kitchen aids? Let us see about the two pans in detail, so you can decide on their efficacy.

Copper Chef Pan             

Copper Chef As Seen on TV pan from Fusion Life Brands, a division of Tristar Products, is a premium quality nonstick cookware. The 9.5 inch square pan features deep heatproof sides that can withstand heat up to 450 degrees.

Here are some of its feature highlights

Dimensions and weight

The dimensions of Copper chef pan include 17 x 9.5 x 3 inches and it weighs 1.8 pounds.

Versatile pan

The cookware is suitable for cooking in oven and all other hob surfaces including electric, gas and induction cooktops.  With approval from Good Housekeeping Institute for its high efficacy and safety features, Copper Chef is a 6 in 1 cooking pan that serves as rice cooker, wok, baking dish, steamer, roasting pan and frying pan saving you plenty of space in the kitchen.

High quality construction

Copper Chef square pan is made of premium quality aluminum core and a coating of nonstick Cerami-tech.

The pan is constructed with five layers of top quality ceramic, stainless steel and aluminum ensuring high heat efficiency, so you can cook healthy and convenient meals that your whole family will enjoy.

The Copper Chef pan has a riveted sturdy handle that makes it easy to grip firmly while cooking and transferring the pan from the stovetop to oven and to the dining table.

The bottom part of the pan has an induction plate made of stainless steel. The induction base helps to spread heat evenly and rapidly. This enables cooking or searing foods effortlessly and in a very short span.

Healthy meals

The innovative Cerami-Tech covering ensures you can cook food without adding butter, oil or grease. Creating healthy dry fry meals without the food sticking to your pan is possible with the Copper Chef pans.

Greater capacity

The square shape of the pan makes it easier to fit in more quantity of food than you would in the conventional round shaped pans. The square pan features a diameter of 9.5 inches, sides with extra depth and a 4 liter capacity. Making food for all your family members in a go is easier with the increased capacity.

High heat resistant surface

The Copper Chef square pan is heat proof. It can withstand a high temperature of 450 degrees Centigrade, so you can use it in oven for foods that require baking.  The high temperature resistance also makes the pan suitable for flambéing.

Where is Copper Chef Pan manufactured?

Copper Chef is made by Tristar Products which is based in Fairfield, New Jersey. For queries and information related to the product, customer service can be contacted at 973-287-5176 or an email can be sent to

What are the advantages of Copper Chef square pan?

  • PTFE and PFOA free ceramic tech coating
  • Easy to cook and clean nonstick coating
  • Allows even and fast cooking
  • Induction plate of stainless steel ensures fast and efficient cooking
  • Low heat is sufficient for cooking
  • Safe for use in dishwasher

What are the drawbacks of Copper Chef Square Pan?

  • The nonstick coating does not work after some time causing food to stick to the pan
  • Lid is of low quality
  • The ceramic coating gets scratched easily
  • The pan depth is not as expected

Customer reviews

Customers who have used Copper Chef find its unique design that provides additional cooking space very good. The fact that it replaces several pans and pots including stock pot, rice cooker, roasting pan, frying pan and baking pan makes it a definite advantage for any kitchen. However the pan is not without its drawbacks.

Many customers are not happy with the way food sticks to the pan. Scratches are formed easily which leads to food sticking to the pan making it difficult to remove the food. One way to avoid this from happening is to avoid metal utensils and use only low heat.

The lid is also not of good quality, which makes the Copper Chef Square pan without lid a better and cheaper option than the lidded version.

Red copper pan               

Red Copper Pan from Bulbhead is a nonstick ceramic fry pan of 12 inches diameter. It is a scratch resistant and high heat resistant pan that is completely safe and efficient for cooking any type of dish you fancy.

Here are the feature highlights of Red Copper pan

Premium construction

Red Copper 12 inch pan has a top quality ceramic nonstick covering that is free of PFTE and PFOA. The pan is made of aluminum infused with sturdy copper making it highly durable and energy efficient.

The fry pan features aluminum cooking rings that help spreading the heat evenly avoiding formation of hot spots.

The pan has a handle that is infused with stay cool features enabling you to remove it from the stove easily.

Safe and efficient cooking

The nonstick coating in Red Copper pan is free of harmful PFTE and PFOA making it safe to cook food in. With the top quality ceramic nonstick surface, you will not have to use butter, sprays or oils for frying your favorite dishes enabling healthier meals.

The pan can withstand heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can easily cook meals like seared steak which require time in oven and on stove top.

The pan is dishwasher safe and very easy to cleanup due to its ceramic nonstick coating.

Dimensions and weight

The dimensions of the pan include 22 inches x 12.1 inches x 2.1 inches and it weighs 2.7 pounds.

Where is Red Copper Pan manufactured?

Red Copper ‘As seen on TV’ Copper Pan is marketed by Bulbhead, which is affiliated to Telebrands, based in Dayton, New Jersey. The cookware has a money back assurance of 30 days, which excludes the charges you pay towards shipping and handling. For queries related to the product or complaints, the customer service personnel can be contacted at 800-887-2717.

What are the advantages of Red Copper Pan?

  • Inexpensive
  • Safe to use in dishwasher
  • Nonstick surface is of moderate quality

What are the drawbacks of Red Copper Pan?

  • Stains are formed easily on the pan surface
  • Requires regular and careful maintenance to safeguard the ceramic coating

Customer reviews

Many customers like that the Red Copper Pan with its copper infused ceramic coating and oven safe features helps to cook food in a safe, quick and effortless way. The aesthetic appearance, good design and PFOA/PTFE free ceramic surface are advantages that customers like about the product.

However the pan does scratch easily with time. Further many have mentioned that the quality is not as expected as only the bottom surface of the pan is made of copper and not the outer surface.

Bottom Line

When comparing the two products, both lack in the quality they guarantee. Although both ‘As seen on TV’ Copper pans stress on the copper quality, they are not made of copper in reality.  However Copper Chef with its 6 in 1 feature that helps replace your frying pan, roasting pan, baking dish, wok and rice cooker, and high heat resistance is a better choice than Red Copper pan. While Red copper has a sturdier handle and a wider surface for cooking, the versatility of Copper Chef easily makes it the better choice.