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Gotham Steel vs Copper Chef Reviews – As Seen On TV Buyer’s Guide

Copper Chef vs Gotham Steel

There are two famous cooking pans available in the market. These are the Copper Chef pan and the Gotham Steel pan. This article compares both these types of pans and tells you which one is better than the other so that you can pick the right non-stick pan for your cooking needs.

Copper Chef Pan Reviews

The Copper Chef pan is a no cleanup and non-stick cooking pan that allows you to replace all kinds of pans, pots, and cookers in your home through this one pan. This cooking pan lets you cook in the oven as well as on the gas stove. It is made using 100% genuine copper outside layer.

Gotham Steel pan reviews

The Gotham Steel pan is a cooking pan with non-stick features. It is fabricated using high-quality titanium and ceramic, which helps you to cook every kind of meal without the food sticking to the pan. The company claims that this cooking pan uses the most advanced technology, along with a non-stick and air-smooth cooking surface, which makes it easy and quick to cook different types of meals in this cooking pan.


The 9.5-inch Copper Chef pan is made of stainless steel, ceramic, and tempered glass with a coating that is free of PFOA as well as PTFE chemicals and is infused with non-stick ceramic high-tech (Cerami-Tech) technology. It weighs 1.93lb.

The coating of Copper Chef pan does not peel or chip into food made in this pan and allows you to cook with grease, oil, or butter. The bottom layer of this cooking pan is made using steel, which is pressed into aluminum. The Copper Chef pan is equipped with a rivet handle, which is oven and high-temperature safe.

On the other hand, the 9.5-inch Gotham Steel pan is made of stainless steel, ceramic, and titanium with a non-stick ceramic surface that is combined with titanium. Its bottom layer comes with a scratch guard ring of metal. The handle of this cooking pan is cool to touch and made of sturdy stainless steel.


Copper Chef

The Copper Chef pan is a no cleanup and non-stick cooking pan that is fitted with an induction plate made of stainless steel. It also has a Cerami-Tech or ceramic high-tech non-stick coating, which allows you to cook food without putting in additional grease, butter, or oil.

The Copper Chef pan is equipped with a rivet handle, which is oven and high-temperature safe. This cooking pan includes 4 cooking pieces, including one 9 1/2 square pan, roast and steam rack, tempered glass lid, and one fry basket.

The Copper Chef pan is heat resistant and can resist heat of up to 850 degrees. The sides of this cooking pan are extra deep, which makes it work as a rice cooker, roasting pan, steamer, wok, stock pot, as well as a baking dish.

The outer coating of this cooking pan is made of 100% authentic copper that is one of the best conductors of heat. The induction plate of the Copper Chef pan helps in channeling the heat evenly, which in turn helps you make the dishes quickly.

On the other hand, the Gotham Steel pan is a combination of sturdy titanium and non-stick ceramic. Owing to this feature, you can cook the stickiest food items in this cooking pan without using any extra oil or butter while cooking.

This cooking pan is infused with non-abrasion technology with scratch-proof surfaces and scratch ring of metal at its bottom. The Gotham Steel pan is heat resistant and can resist heat up to 500 degrees. It is a PFOA, PFOS, and PTFE free pan.

Cooking efficiency

The Copper Chef pan is heat resistant and can resist heat up to a maximum of 850 degrees. This cooking pan features copper layers between stainless steel and aluminum layers. Since it is made of copper, which is one of the best conductors of heat, the pan spreads the heat evenly and does not let cooper react with the food items cooked in this pan or the air. This pan is easy to clean and is safe for washing in a dishwasher.

The food does not stick to the Copper Chef pan’s surface owing to its non-stick ceramic coating. You can also use this pan in the oven. The Copper Chef pan enables you to cook any food without any additional grease, oil, or butter. It can be kept in the oven or on the gas stove. Owing to the deep sides and square shape of this cooking pan, you can cook more meals in this pan as opposed to a shallow and round-shaped cooking pan.

Gotham Steel

The Gotham Steel pan is also heat resistant, but it can only resist heat up to a maximum of 500 degrees. It boasts of a coating made of titanium and ceramic, which in turn prevents the pan to bond molecularly with the food. This cooking pan is simple to clean and safe to be washed in a dishwasher, since it is made of non-scratch and non-stick surface that does not lets the food stick to it.

This cooking pan can also be placed in an oven. Owing to the non-stick feature of the Gotham Steel pan, you can cook any sticky recipe in it, including melted Parmesan cheese, condensed milk, and marshmallows. The food easily slides off this pan from its non-abrasion surface. Plus, you can beat eggs in this pan using a metal blender without any scratch on the pan.

Bottom line

Both the cooking pans featured in this article have non-stick features. The Copper Chef pan comes with an innovative square design infused with Cerami-Tech nonstick technology and the Gotham Steel pan features the latest non-stick technology. Both these cookware are suitable for you. It just depends on how you handle them, which can make them last for a long time.

Copper Chef Set 2017 – Buyers Guide & Reviews

Copper Chef Set Review: Ideal Kitchen Cookware Set For Fast And Healthy Meals                                           

Copper Chef is one of the extensive product ranges promoted by Fusion Life Brands, which is part of Tristar Products, Inc. Tristar is a popular name associated with the As Seen on TV direct response industry. The brands marketed by the company are well established and popular in over 100 countries. Based in New Jersey, Tristar Inc. has a dominating presence both in the international and domestic circuit. All products of the company are aimed at providing a lasting and satisfying solution to the day to day issues that customers face. Copper Chef Set is one such product by Tristar Inc.

Copper Chef Set is endorsed by Eric Theiss, the renowned chef and culinary expert. The Copper Chef set includes innovatively designed cookware aimed at making cooking an easy, enjoyable and quick task.  Copper Chef is a multipurpose 6 in 1 nonstick pan set that functions adeptly as steamer, rice cooker, roasting pan, wok, baking dish and stock pot. With smart Cerami-Tech feature and high heat resistance it offers you a highly convenient and effective cooking solution.

Copper Chef set features

Copper Chef Set is a hassle-free cookware set that consists of a complete set of cooking pans and accessories that simplify cooking time and effort. The set of 5 pieces includes

  1. Square pan of 9.5 inches diameter with glass lid
  2. Square fry pan
  3. Steam rack
  4. Fry basket
  5. Recipe book

Fry basket is exclusively designed to make delicious and crispy fried foods without the usual grease coated results. The rack for roasting and steaming made of durable metal is ideal for roasting and steaming foods. The cookbook by Eric Theiss helps to get the most out of the Copper Chef set with its delicious and diverse recipes. The lid made of tempered glass helps to retain moisture and heat inside the pan ensuring faster and tastier meals.

Dimensions and weight

The product dimensions include 20.5 inches x 9.5 inches x 4.5 inches and the package weight is 6.2 pounds, while the individual pan weighs 1.93 pounds. The capacity of the pan is 4.5 quarts

Smart five layered design

The Copper Chef pan stands out from other competitor pans mainly due to its five layered design.

  1. The topmost layer has a double ceramic well-polished coating that is free of PTFE and PFOA.
  2. Base layer is made of ceramic non-stick material
  3. Core layer is made of aluminum for better heat distribution and thermal conductivity
  4. Outer coating that withstands high temperature
  5. Induction base made of stainless steel channels for faster heating and better heat retention

All around efficiency

Copper Chef Pans feature sides that are extra deep enabling additional cooking space. The copper infused cerami -tech non-stick coating has high heat resistance of about 850 degrees that makes it easy to use on stove top and oven. It is even convenient to transfer the pans from the stove to the table. Further the Copper Chef pans have specialized induction plate with stainless steel channels that ensure the pans heat quickly and evenly. The pans can be used on any type of cooktop including electric, ceramic, induction or gas and in the oven too.

Convenient handling features

In addition to the heat resistant and superior five layered construction, handling the pan is easy. The helper and riveted handles made of high grade stainless steel make it easy to hold the pan while stirring foods and while carrying it over to the oven or to the table. The riveted handle provides a firm grip eliminating any worries of the handle breaking during use.

Where is Copper Chef manufactured?

Copper Chef Non-stick ceramic fry pans are made by Fusion Life Brands, which belongs to Tristar Products Inc. based in New Jersey. Fusion life is popular for its products such as Fusion Juicer, Fusion Xcelerator etc., while Tristar has some very popular brands including Power Pressure Cooker XL, Perfecter Fusion Styler and Clear TV.

Copper Chef Products come with a 60 day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty on the ceramic non-stick coating. Any queries regarding the product can be addressed to the customer service at 973-287-5176.

 Advantages of Copper Chef Set

  • Heats up quickly and evenly with its excellent heat conductivity feature
  • Design is aesthetically pleasing
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Best for baking, roasting, deep frying and steaming
  • Durable construction
  • Non-stick covering free of PFOA and PTFE

Disadvantages of Copper Chef Set

  • The pans are thin than anticipated
  • The cooking has to be done only on a low flame to protect the ceramic non-stick coating
  • Non-stick will last only when you take care with the cleaning and avoid using metal utensils on the pan

Customer reviews

Customers who have purchased Copper Chef set find that it is great cookware set for the kitchen with its multipurpose cooking ability. The quick heating and high heat resistance make the pans suitable for cooking quite a lot of recipes without any hassle.

However many customers have mentioned that the non-stick did not retain its scratch resistance beyond a few weeks. Food stuck to the pan making cleaning a frustrating task.

A few users also mention that the raised center of the pans causes uneven heating and food tends to slide to the sides resulting in food being improperly cooked.

Bottom Line

Copper Chef Set is a wonderful addition you should consider for your kitchen because of its versatility, efficiency and high heat conduction. Cooking time is reduced drastically with the copper chef pans and the faster and even heating results in nutritive and healthy food too. The non-stick when maintained with care paves the way for easy cooking and cleaning ensuring you spend minimal time in the kitchen but dish up delicious and sumptuous foods easily. However the since non-stick copper cookware brands with similar features abound in the local stores, you can easily get one without having to shell out the shipping and handling costs.


Copper Chef Square Fry Pan Reviews – Buyers Guide & Reviews

Copper chef Square Fry Pan review: A veritable and efficient cookware for your kitchen              

Copper Chef Square fry pan is one of the products sold by Fusion Life Brands. Fusion Life Brands belongs to Tristar Products, Inc.  which is a popular and reputed name in the direct response industry. The company has quite an extensive line of As Seen on TV products with a majority of them being well established and famous among consumers. The company’s brands are being marketed in over 100 countries. Based in New Jersey, the company’s sole target is achieving 100% satisfaction.

The Copper Chef Square Pan belongs to the Copper Chef pan series of Fusion Life Brands. It is a revolutionary square shaped non-stick frying pan that helps to make delicious meals in an easy, quick and healthy way. With cerami Tech non-stick technology that is present in all Copper Chef pans, the square pan with induction plate is ideal for providing superior and even heat every time you cook food. The pan is available with a lid made from tempered glass.

Main features of Copper Chef Square fry pan

Copper Chef As Seen on TV square shaped fry pan is 9.5 inches in diameter. It provides great cooking versatility allowing you to use it as a steamer, wok, baking dish, steamer, rice cooker and roasting pan. Here are the outstanding features of the pan:

Dimensions and weight

The Copper Chef square pan has dimensions that include 17 inches x 9.5 inches x3 inches and it weighs 1.8 pounds. The capacity of the square pan is 4.5 quart.

Superior construction features

The square pan construction consists of 5 layers that include:

  1. A top coating of double layered ceramic that is free of PTFE and PFOA
  2. Ceramic non-stick base coating
  3. Core made of aluminium
  4. Exterior coating that can withstand high temperature
  5. Induction base made of stainless steel

The induction base helps to conduct heat fast, retain it for longer span and spread it more evenly. The ceramic surface helps to avoid food from sticking without the aid of any added butter, oil or grease.

The lid made of tempered glass allows you to oversee the cooking process without having to remove the lid and letting moisture or heat escape. This ensures faster and better cooking.

The riveted handles namely the stainless steel long stick handle and helper handle make it convenient to carry the cookware from the cooktop to the table without worrying about the pan slipping.

Convenient and efficient cooking

The square pan can be used in all types of stove tops including induction stoves. It has high temperature resistance of about 850 degrees Fahrenheit making it safe to use in oven too. The design of the pan with its five layer construction ensures food gets cooked fast and evenly which retains the healthy nutrients in it.

The square shape allows 25% more space for cooking when compared to the conventional round non-stick frying pans. The sides of the pan are extra deep and with a diameter of 9.5 inches, the pan can hold more than 4 litres easily. Thus, the pan can be used to cook for an entire family in a single batch without having to cook in multiple batches.

Cleaning the pan is also a breeze, as it is dishwasher safe and further the non-stick ensures food does not stick to the pan making cleaning simple and quick.

Pros of Copper Chef Square Pan

  • Light in weight
  • Can be used on any type of cooktop
  • Free of toxic PTFE and PFOA
  • Price is inexpensive

Cons of Copper Chef Square Pan

  • Size is not as large as expected
  • Bottom surface has hotspots and heats unevenly
  • Centre of pan is raised resulting in food moving to the sides and not getting cooked properly

Customer reviews

Customers who have used the Copper Chef Square pan find that it is a good multipurpose cookware that works effectively as baking dish, wok, stock pot and frying pan.  Its capability of performing well on any type of cooktop is another feature that customers like about the frying pan.

However a few customers mention that the non-stick pan did not work as expected as food stuck to the pan making it difficult to clean. The non-stick coating is very thin resulting in easy scratch formation even if the instructions were followed properly.

The non-stick works only for a few weeks beyond which all foods stick even when you add oil. A few customers mention that the customer service offered is not good as there is no response to refund of money or replacement of pan when the service was approached. The handle made of stainless steel gets really hot making it difficult to grip.

Bottom line

Copper Chef square pan is made of robust aluminium core and a good quality non-stick surface. The deep square construction provides more space for cooking making it convenient to cook for the whole family. The inexpensive price and cooking convenience certainly tip the scales in its favour. But there are other similar non-stick pans that you can easily buy around this range.

And in cooking projects that need food to stick together such as in cooking certain type of egg recipes the pan is not an ideal choice. The non-stick coating loses its effectiveness after sometime which can be avoided by taking the proper precautions while cleaning it and by not using metal utensils on the pan. Further contrary to what the infomercials guarantee, it is not a replacement of all your pots and pans, but is a good cookware to add to your kitchen.