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Red Copper Square Pan Reviews 2017 – Buyers Guide

Red Copper Square Pan review: Cook delicious meals in a breeze

Red copper pan is promoted by Bulbhead, which is a division of Telebrands, a popular As Seen on TV brand. Telebrands has had a dominant presence in the rapidly growing direct response segment for more than three decades. The company has promoted several top line products including Greenic Cookware, Windshield Wonder, Stone Wave, Pocket Hose and others. The products are designed to solve the routine problems customers face in their lives.

Red Copper Square Pan is one of the products promoted by Telebrands. It helps to transform cooking into an easy, efficient and enjoyable task. The product, with strong endorsement by renowned author, Cathy Mitchell, is a premium quality ceramic non-stick cookware that is safe and durable. It is a useful cookware to have in your kitchen, as it helps to make different kinds of recipes easily and without any hassle. The high temperature resistant pan stays scratch free and is completely free of toxic materials such as PTFE and PFOA. Easy to cook and clean, the cookware is guaranteed to make your time in the kitchen an enjoyable and fruitful one.

Important features of Red Copper Square Pan

Made of superior quality durable copper and ceramic non-stick covering, Red Copper Square pan boasts of several essential features that turn cooking into an ultra-efficient and easy task. Here are the features of the non-stick Red Copper Square Pan.

Dimensions and weight

Red Copper Square Dance pan has dimensions that include 17.1 inches x 9.6 inches x 2.9 inches. The item weighs 1.7 pounds.

Quality construction

Red Copper Square dance pan is made of durable copper and a superior ceramic non-stick coating. The pan is square shaped to increase the capacity by 25%, when compared to the traditional round copper pan.

With a diameter of 9.6 inches and a depth of 2.9 inches, the pan allows sufficient space to cook for the whole family easily. The pan is very light in weight weighing just 1.7 pounds. The superior construction ensures the ceramic coating does not chip, peel or scratch. The under surface of the pan has induction plate enabling use of the pan on induction stoves in addition to regular cooktops.

Dish up Sumptuous foods

The red copper square dance pan is apt for making several diverse dishes including pasta, caramelizing sugar, baking bread, frying chicken and much more. The pan can withstand heat up to a temperature of 500 degrees centigrade, so it is safe for use in the oven. You can easily flambé your desserts, blend eggs directly in the pan or caramelize sugar without worrying about the food sticking to the pan, as it is made of scratch resistant and highly durable non-stick ceramic coating.

Safe cooking features

Pans with non-stick coating are not usually the preferred choice for many as they contain toxic chemicals such as PFOA and PTFE. Red Copper Pan does not contain any such harmful additions in its non-stick ceramic covering.

Further the pan is fully safe for use in the dishwasher, so cleaning it up is not an issue. The riveted handle provides good grip and with a length of 7.5 inches it enables easy handling of the pan while cooking and moving it from the stove to the oven and to your dining table.

Where is red copper pan manufactured?

Red Copper Pan is made by Bulbhead, which is part of Telebrands. Based in New Jersey, the company provides smart and innovative products that customers find complete satisfaction in. The red copper pan is available with a money back assurance of 60 days excluding the charges related to shipping and handling. The customer service of the company can be contacted by phone at 1-800-887-2717or by visiting the official website

Advantages of Red Copper Square Dance Pan

  • Good heat conduction ensuring even heating and fast cooking
  • Easy to clean mostly
  • Aesthetically appealing

Disadvantages of Red Copper Square Dance

  • Price is expensive
  • Foods cooked in the pan have a metallic taste

Customer reviews

Customers who have used the Red Copper Pan feel that it is a good ceramic coated copper pan to own. The larger dimensions and PFOA/PTFE free non-stick coating ensure easy and fast cooking. The smartly designedhandle enables to hold the pan safely. The induction base ensures it can be used to cook food faster and at the same time help retain the healthy quality of the food.

However a few users mention that the non-stick works only for a few weeks. Food sticks to the pan and is difficult to remove.

Further a few customers find that the size is not as expected. It is smaller than what is shown in the infomercial. The outer red coating peels off easily and the handle gets hot easily.

Bottom Line

As the advertisements for Red Copper Pan indicate, it is a good quality ceramic non-stick cookware. The non-stick surface helps cook food without sticking to the pan. With top quality copper infused in the pan for durability and PTFE and PFOA free covering, the pan is ideal for cooking healthy and deliciously tasting meals without worrying about the pan being unsafe for cooking food.  While the red copper pan has some good features it is also expensive. Alternative models with tin or stainless steel lining would cost less, when you buy them locally and you can also avoid dealing with the easily damaged non-stick coating.



Red Copper Flipwich Reviews 2017 – Buyers Guide

Red Copper Flipwich: Easy, Quick And Tasty Grilling Experience

Red Copper Flipwich belongs to Bulbhead, a division of Telebrands, one of the leading companies in the As Seen On TV industry. Telebrands is renowned for its popular line of direct response products such as Greenic Cookware, Windshield Wonder, Pocket Hose, Stone Wave and more.

Having been in the industry for more than three decades, Telebrands is a well-established name popular for its innovative and effective products that provide a perfect solution for routine problems customers face. Red Copper Flipwich is one of the products belonging to Red Copper cookware marketed by Bulbhead.

Red Copper Flipwich from Bulbhead is a stylish sandwich maker that makes it easy to grill and flip sandwiches over any type of cooktop. It is skillet of two parts where one skillet is used as lid while the other for heating food, allowing you to grill and sear foods evenly all over.

Important features of Red Copper Flipwich

Red Copper Flipwich skillet is designed to make your work in the kitchen easy, quick and hassle free. It has a superior quality non-stick coating and is safe to use in the dishwasher. Here are the feature highlights of Flipwich.

Dimensions and Weight

Red Copper Flipwich has dimensions that include 14.6 inches x 7.1 inchesx1.9 inches and it weighs 1.8 pounds.

Efficient meal maker

Mealtimes need not be difficult or tedious anymore, as Red Copper Flipwich helps you make your favourite dishes in a breeze. You can easily dish up flavour filled and delicious sandwiches or paninis.

The interlocking chambers in the skillet give a tight seal that helps to keep the flavour intact. Burgers, sandwiches, S’mores etc. can be grilled quickly and without any mess in the anti-scratch and non-stick copper infused skillet.

Quality design

Red Copper Flipwich is designed to enable easy and efficient cooking. You have to just place the ingredients inside, close the Flipwich lid, lock the handle and just flip the skillet to make it work its magic.

The copper infused non-stick coating in the skillet makes cooking and cleaning a fast job. The handle is of stay cool design, allowing you to use it without the need for a hot pad or oven mitt while you flip the sandwich you are cooking in the Flipwich.

Convenient to use

The copper infused skillet is easy to use on any type of heat source including electric, glass, induction and gas cooktops. Clean-up after cooking is easy as you have to just use a wet cloth to wipe it clean.

The non-stick ensures you can remove the grilled food without leaving behind any hard to remove sticky mess. The order includes a recipe guide, which has several easy to make and delicious recipes.

Where is Red Copper FlipwichManufactured?

Red Copper Flipwich is made by Bulbhead based in Dayton, New Jersey. For more information on the product or any other queries, you can contact the customer service division of the company at 1-855-668-1655.

The service is available on weekdays from 7 am to midnight and from 8 am to 8 pm EST. For customers who want to check on their order status, the website address to visit is

Red Copper Flipwich comes with a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day return and refund policy excluding handling and shipping charges.

Why you should buy Red Copper Flipwich

  • Grills all kinds of foods including sandwiches
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to use
  • Any type of stove top can be used
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Pliable handles help to close even slightly thicker foods

Why you should not consider Red Copper Flipwich

  • Non-stick surface degrades after some time
  • Grease from food spills out through the sides
  • The handle clip slips easily.
  • Quality of material is not good

Customer reviews

Customers who bought Red Copper Flipwich find that the grilling skillet is easy to grill burgers, sandwiches and hot dogs and, make Panini presses, S’mores sandwiches and much more. The style and flipping design is a different and innovative one.

Nevertheless, many users found the Flipwich heavy to handle. Further the flipping process and drip ledge is very complicated. Many customers mention they had to end up with rearranged food items or a downright mess as the instructions were not very clear.

The non-stick coating too disintegrated leading to food sticking to the grilling surface. Further the grill leaked creating a big mess while cooking. The flimsy lock comes undone while flipping.

Bottom line

Red Copper Flipwich is a very useful product to have in your kitchen. The even heat distribution and unique design ensures you can have your favourite meals cooked to perfection with the right texture and flavour.

While the non-stick coating does wear off just as in any other copper products advertised, the Red Copper Flipwich could be a handy tool, if proper clean-up and maintenance of the skillet’s non-stick coated surface is done like using mild dishwashing agent  and avoiding metal utensils.