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Red Copper vs Gotham Steel – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Red Copper vs Gotham Steel

The two popular cooking pans available in the market are the Red Copper and Gotham Steel pans. Both these pans are advertised highly on the television and internet. Both these cooking pans have a very similar appearance since both of them come with a copper-colored surface.

Moreover, both these cooking pans come with the non-stick features, which allow the food to easily slide off its surface, no matter what type of food you cook in them. However, this article will tell you whether or not both these pans are exactly the same. And, whether or not they come with their own unique features that make them different from each other? So, let us continue with this review of Red Copper vs. Gotham Steel cookware.

Red Copper

The Red Copper pans are advertised by the famous author Cathy Michell. These cooking pans are made of copper and ceramic with a copper-infused ceramic coating instead of a titanium-infused ceramic coating as is with Gotham Steel pans.

Copper is the best conductor of heat, which helps it to alter its temperature very rapidly according to the heat settings of the stove. This means if you cook food with more specific heat, then this is the cookware you should go for since it evenly distributes the heat and heats up rapidly, thus delivering excellent cooking results. The copper is really sturdy, which does not chip or peel the surface in the food.

The Red Copper pans are non-stick just like Gotham Steel pans. They are also extremely durable. Owing to the ceramic surface of Red Copper pans, the food slides off easily from their surface which means you can even make caramelized sugar in them.

With a high heat-resistance, Red Copper pans can bear a maximum heat of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, you can use Red Copper pans in the oven or on a stovetop. The Red Copper pans are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. They do not have any synthetic chemicals like PTFE and PFOA, which makes them safe for cooking.

Gotham Steel

The Gotham Steel pans come in several sizes ranging from 9.5-inch to 12.5-inch. Moreover, the shape of their different saucepans, pans, and pots also varies. Some frying pans are offered in a round shape and some pans come in square shape. They also offer their cookware in a set, which can save you money as compared to buying individual cookware items.

When it comes to the 12.5-inch cooking pan of Gotham Steel, its depth is 2.2-inch. It is fitted with a long and flat steel handle on its one side and one small handle on the other side so that you can lift it easily. However, pans smaller in size come with only one handle rather than two. The handles of these pans are nailed to the pan.

Gotham Steel claims that its cookware is different and new as opposed to other pans in the market since it features ceramic and titanium surface finishing. Titanium is sturdy enough to bear up rough use. Moreover, its pans have a longer durability and are abrasion-resistant. The metal from which these cooking pans are made of is incredibly light, which makes titanium cookware an ideal choice for taking on camping trips.

Gotham Steel pans are infused with ceramic coating along with titanium, which makes them wear-resistant as well as non-stick. With an aluminum core, these pans distribute the heat evenly as well as quickly, which helps in cooking the food very swiftly.

Furthermore, Gotham Steel pans do not have Teflon coating, which makes them free of any toxins or harmful substances such as PFOA, PFOS, and PTFE. You can also use their pans in the oven since they can resist heat up to a maximum of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Differences between Red Copper and Gotham Steel

Both the Red Copper cookware as well as the Gotham Steel cookware has very less features that separate the two. The main difference is the non-stick coating of both where a different element infusion is utilized.

The Red Copper cookware is made of copper-infused ceramic coating and the Gotham Steel cookware is made of titanium-infused ceramic coating. The means the metal properties are different for both. Where the copper pans allow you to cook with more accurate heat, the titanium pans offer better durability. Red Copper pans distribute the heat more evenly, thus delivering well-cooked dishes.

The other difference is between the prices of the two cooking pans, as the Red Copper pan is a bit cheaper than the Gotham Steel pan. Additionally, the cooking surface of the Red Copper pan is slightly wider than the Gotham Steel pan.

Other than this, both the cooking pans are almost same. Both of these pans are scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe. However, if you want to extend the durability of these cooking pans, you should wash them with hands. In fact, Red Copper advices to hand wash its cookware as per its instructions. You can also use a mixer in these pans.

Bottom line

Both the Red Copper as well as the Gotham Steel cooking pans are great options if you want to cook healthy food since both of them are equipped with non-stick features. They do not have Teflon, which can mix the food with harmful substances and toxins like PFOA, PFOS, and PTFE.

Moreover, both these pans have non-stick attributes, which allow the user to clean them easily as well as quickly. This means both of them are almost similar to each other, save for their price, cooking surface size, and ceramic coating infusion.

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Gotham steel pot reviews

Gotham Steel Pasta Pot Review

Chef Daniel green mentioned that cooking can become easier by using Gotham steel pans. It has a non-sticky ceramic surface and is made of titanium. It allows you to cook different types of foods, whether it is eggs, cheese, or other food items without the use of oil or butter. These pans are very safe to use.

If you are looking for a way to make one pan recipes, then Gotham steel pans can help you in that as well. They are safe to use up to 500 degrees. Gotham steel is a cookware partner of the world food championships in 2017. It guarantees perfect straining and delicious meals every time.

Dimensions and construction

The Gotham Steel Pasta Pot is light weight and is available in 4 quarts and 5 quarts capacity. It has a built-in strainer. It is made up of non-stick ceramic and titanium. It has twist and lock handles. The semi-circle locks rotate on the edge of its lid. Whenever this pasta pot is not used, it rotates back into the handles. This useful design makes the Gotham steel pasta pot unique.

The Gotham steel pasta pot is a non-stick pot.  This pasta pot enables you to cook pasta in an easier manner by avoiding the elaborated procedure. It comes in a creative design and with incredible features. Additionally, it is made up of a strong and durable material that prevents it from getting scratches.

 Smartest way of cooking food

This Gotham Steel Pasta pot gives you a guarantee to cook pasta in abundant quantity. The pot does not need butter or oil as it is a non-stick pot. You can even make popcorn using this pot without using any grease. This pot helps individuals in keeping up with their lifestyle and diet goals.

 Delicious and healthy pasta

The Gotham Steel Pasta pan allows users to cook food with minimum calories. The non-stick ceramic and titanium body of this pan does not allow ingredients to stick to the surface. This pot helps you to make healthy and tasty pasta.

Design and functionality

The straining holes present inside the Gotham steel pasta pot allows water to pass through it without any food wastage. These holes allow straining of different types of foods. The liquid gets drained out very quickly. The amazing lock and twist handles of this Gotham Steel Pasta pot can be rotated to keep the lid intact while cooking food. This pot is compatible with metal utensils. It can be used for making other recipes, including popcorn and desserts.

Science involved

The Gotham Steel Pasta cookware has a thin teflon coating. The substances used to give it a non-stick coating use their magic by preventing the food and pan from sticking to one another, which normally happens under extreme heat conditions. Thus, you can make pasta in this pot without any sticking issues.

Heating sources approved for a non-stick pan

A titanium non-stick pan is acceptable because of its gas burners. There are many sources that recommend avoiding the use of titanium cookware on electric stoves as it conducts heat at a very fast pace. It can also shut down the thermostat inside the burner. You should carefully read your user manual before actually using this pot as these things are manufacturer-specific.

The use of Gotham steel Pasta pot on an induction stove can be very risky. For a pot to work effectively on induction cook top, its bottom should be made up of ferrous body. Titanium is not a ferrous metal that means it is not made up of magnetic body consisting of iron.

Advantages of using the Gotham Steel Pasta Pot

ü  Indestructible coating

ü  Non-stick

ü  Combines ceramic with titanium

ü  Twist and lock handles

ü  Straining holes to drain water

ü  No oil or butter is required while cooking food

ü  Available in 2 different capacities, including 4 quarts and 5 quarts

ü  Cool to touch

ü   Indestructible coating

Disadvantages of Gotham Steel Pasta Pot

û  No ferrous surface

û  Stay cool handles are not as cool as advertised

û  Good quality pots can be expensive

Customer reviews

Some of the reviewers said that that they made scrambled eggs using medium heat in Gotham Steel pan. It worked out well for them. They are happy with the non-stick quality of the pan. They also said that you should cook food in this pan at a low flame.

On the flip side, some of the reviewers were disappointed with the Gotham steel pasta pan. They said that they cooked food in this pan at a very low flame and the burn marks ruined the pan. They also said that this pan was delivered to them in a faulty condition.

However, some reviewers mentioned that this pan is easy to clean and lightweight. They said that people are giving this pan a bad rating because they are cooking food on medium to high flame.  Nevertheless, the pan is not actually like what it claims to be.

The bottom line

The Gotham steel pasta pot is a great invention in the world of cooking. It offers you a great and easy way of cooking food. This Gotham Steel pasta pot provides you a smart way to cook your food. Plus, it enables you to cook delicious food. It has a unique design and functionality. The best thing about this pot is that it helps you to stay healthy and fit as you do not have to add butter or oil whenever you cook food in this pan.

The twist and lock handles is the best feature of the Gotham Steel Pasta Pot that keeps the lid intact while cooking and draining water. The ceramic technology used in this pot is also one of its incredible features. It protects the pot from getting burned or scratched up.

Plus, this pasta pot has straining holes that allows the water to pass through easily.  This pasta pot is also available in 4 quarts and 5 quarts capacities. Overall, this pasta pot is a great addition to your kitchen.

Red Copper Pan Set Cookware – Buyers Guide & Reviews

Red copper pan set review: Attractive and efficient cookware for your kitchen 

Red Copper Pan set is from Bulbhead, a subdivision of Telebrands. Being one of the leading names in the hugely popular direct response industry, Telebrands has impressed customers with its useful and innovative product range that include Greenic Cookware, Windshield Wonder, Pocket Hose and much more. With more than three decades of experience in the As Seen on TV product field, Telebrands has established itself as a reputed brand that provides customers with the solution they are looking for their routine problems.

Red Copper Pan is one of the products promoted by Telebrands. It is a non-stick ceramic cookware infused with copper for faster and efficient cooking. With a strong endorsement by renowned author Cathy Mitchell, Red Copper Pan is a safe to use durable cookware great for making diverse range of dishes such as pasta, caramelized sugar, baked bread and more.

Features and specifications of Red Copper Pan Set

Red Copper Pan Set has 10 pieces of cookware including a fry pan of 8 inches, a 10-inch fry pan with glass lid and three sauce pans of 6 quart, 2.5 quart and 1.5 quart. The product package dimensions include 24 inches x 13.2 inches x 9.4 inches and it weighs 17.1 pounds in total.

In addition to the fry pans and saucepans, the 10-piece Red Copper set also includes a steamer insert made of aluminum.

Durable design

Unlike competitor non-stick pans, Red Copper pans come with a safe PTFE and PFOA free non scratch ceramic coating. The coating is of great quality ensuring it does not peel or flake with use. The pan is made of aluminum core infused with strong durable copper. The pan is efficiently designed to enable easy searing of fish, vegetable sauté and more.  The sturdy and reliable cookware can be used in the oven and stove top and transferred to the table directly from the heat source eliminating the need to use different dishes for each purpose.

Cooking efficiency

The Red Copper pan set including fry pans and sauce pans are constructed with high heat resistance. The ceramic coating offers scratch resistant feature and is free of toxic PTFE and PFOA ensuring the food you cook is safe and healthy.

The quality ceramic covering does not flake, chip or peel easily. You can efficiently perform a variety of cooking tasks including stew, sauté, simmer or fry without using butter, spray or oil.  The 500 degrees Fahrenheit heat resistance helps to cook meals in the oven as well as stovetops or both easily.

Clean up is also a breeze with the Red Copper Pan set, as it can be safely used in the dishwasher, without worrying about the coating becoming damaged.

Where is Red Copper Pan set manufactured?

Red Copper pan set is made by Bulbhead, which belongs to Telebrands. The company is based in New Jersey and all its products are innovatively designed aimed at providing complete satisfaction to customers.

Just as the other products promoted by Telebrands, Red Copper Pan too has a money back assurance. If you are not satisfied with the product, your money will be refunded if you return it within 30 days of purchasing it. The refund amount is not inclusive of handling and shipping charges. The 10 piece Red Copper Pan set has a lifetime warranty for replacement.

Any queries or complaints that customers have regarding the Red Copper Pan Set can be addressed to the customer service department of Bulbhead by phone, using the toll free number- 800-887-2717

Advantages of using Red Copper Pan

  • Non-stick ceramic and strong copper make the pan a top quality cookware
  • Can cook up to a high temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Attractive design
  • Cook any type of food including flambéing desserts effortlessly
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Safe for use in dishwasher
  • All pieces in the set are free of toxic PTFE and PFOA
  • Manufacturer guarantees lifetime scratch free cookware
  • Conducts heat excellently

Disadvantages of Red Copper pan set

  • Is not scratch proof completely
  • Handle of the pan heats up quickly,so cannot be held for longer span
  • Works best on low heat only
  • Handles get loosened easily in a short time

Customer reviews

Customers who have bought the Red Copper Pan find that the pans in the 10 piece set are really good. The easy clean-up, good non-stick coating and faster heating are some of the advantages many users have mentioned. Users especially liked the fact that the red copper pan set replaced all other non-stick cookware in the kitchen.

The even cooking and no splattering of food due to the deep pans are other factors that users like about the Red Copper pan. However a few users found that while the non-stick was good initially, it failed to work effectively after a while. Food stuck to the bottom and the red coating in the bottom chipped off.

A few users did not like the fact that the pan could not cook more amount of food. The small dimensions are not sufficient enough for a whole family. The handle heats up quickly necessitating the use of pot holder.

The strainer attachment does not fit in the pan to make draining pasta easier, instead it has to be used separately. And a few users mentioned how the pans needed a bit of seasoning with butter or oil to prevent food from sticking to the pan.

Bottom line

Red Copper Pan Set by Bulbhead is a good non-stick pan free of toxins such as PTFE and PFOA. While the non-stick is good, you may need to use some amount of grease, oil or butter to avoid food from sticking to the pan. However, if you are in the habit of using oil liberally, the pan set is just ideal for you as it reduces the amount you use.

The good heat conduction that ensures proper cooking of food, easy to clean surface and attractive looking design are factors that tip the scale in favor of the Red Copper Pan Set, when compared to other competitor brands.

Ninja Bullet

Nutribullet vs Nutri Ninja:Which One Stands Out As the Best?

Comparing the Nutribullet range of blenders to Nutri Ninja is a pretty good idea considering they are both designed to do the exact same thing. Clearly, you will want to get the absolute best possible blender for your money.

To help you, we are going to look at a number of the key areas you should consider when choosing between Nutri Ninja and Nutribullet blenders. At the end, you will have an informed decision as to which one you are going to spend your money on.

The Nutribullet Range:

First, we should talk about the three different types of Nutribullet blenders that are available. Currently, they have the

  • Nutribullet-600
  • Nutribullet-pro-900
  • Nutribullet-rx

Out of the three, the 600 model is the most basic one working the way up to the rx, but it has to be said that they are all pretty good.

The main differences between the 3 models is that the 600 has only 600 watts, followed by 900 watts, and finally a whopping 1700 watts with the rx version. Now, this makes a major difference in term of what the blender is able to do as you can only get 5 servings from the base model and up to 12 servings in the rx.

Another key difference is that the rx model also has a heating function, so you can actually make soup in your Nutribullet.

Apart from these variations, the only other material difference is the size of the cups and how much you can blend per run. The 600 version comes with both 18 and 24 oz cups whilst the 900 model throws in a 32 oz cup on top of it as well as a flip top lid. The rx version has 30 and 45 oz cups.

So, which is the best among these models? Well, to be honest, it depends on how often you plan on using your blender, and whether or not you are adamant that you need everything to be as smooth as possible.

If you do, then note that the higher the power output, the better your blender will be - the rx models wins in this regard. If you love the idea of making something hot then you only have one option available, rx, so, it is an easy decision.

Now, let us compare the two brands.

  • The Quality of Their Products.

    We need to begin by checking out how well made both products are because the last thing you want to do is to buy a blender and it breaks down in next to no time.

    To do this, we will look at two models that are pretty much identical, the Nutribullet-900 and the Nutri Ninja Pro.It has to be said that both products do look kind of similar and there is also a similar feel to them.

    It really does come down to personal taste as the Nutribullet looks quite sleek whilst the Nutri Ninja looks slightly more industrial in its design. However, you can't help but feel that the cup part will sit better in the Nutri Ninja model as it does appear to be slightly more robust.

    At this stage it is close, but for quality of the product, then the Nutri Ninja line just steals it.

  • The Power of the Motor.

    This is where both the Nutribullet-900 and the Nutri Ninja Pro are identical as they both come with a 900 watt engine. However, Nutri Ninja do have a wider product range with varying power levels, but you are slightly more restricted with the Nutribullet range.

    That being said, the Nutribullet-rx has 1700 watts and this is more powerful than anything that Nutri Ninja has produced with their Ultima Blender only having 1500 watts.

    So, what we can say here is that if you are going to base your decision on power alone, then in most instances it is Nutribullet that is going to be the best option for you.

    The only other thing to remember is that this does tend to just apply to the models at the upper end of their product range as more basic models are pretty much identical.

  • The Blending Itself

    This is where things start to get rather interesting. The Nutri Ninja range has cool looking blades that are angled slightly upward. Even better, this means that it can easily slice through ice, fruit and vegetables as well as crush ice on the more powerful models.

    These blades are sharp and you are going to struggle if you are waiting to see them end up blunt, even after repeated use.

    Nutribullet is different. Their models use what they call an extractor blade with two cutting sides. The idea is that they break down the walls of the cells in the ingredients meaning none of that goodness is lost.

    It then uses cyclonic technology. So, it ends up spinning the ingredients and breaking it down by use of power. The argument here is that blending leaves so much waste and there is still a lot of goodness in that waste and surely, you want everything in your smoothie.

    So, with the blending it all depends on a couple of key points. There is no doubt that the actual blade that comes with Nutri Ninja is better than the blade that you get with Nutribullet, but the cyclonic technology does make a difference.

    It is worth noting that the pieces of the fruit and vegetables that are by left by Nutri Ninja blender do not blend into the smoothie. So, will always feel them when drinking it.

    The same cannot be said with the Nutribullet as its output tends to not be as smooth as it can get. Nutribullet blenders pulverises absolutely everything.

    In conclusion, we have to say that for blending everything and getting the most goodness, Nutri Ninja wins. This then changes when it comes to the smoothness of the drink as Nutri Ninja does do the better job, and for many people this the deciding factor.

  • Features On The Blenders

    If we now turn to the features that appear on both blenders, there is one major difference that we need to talk about. With the Nutri Ninja range, you are really restricted in what you are able to do.

    Basically, it only really offers you a pulse blend mode and sadly that does mean that you need to stand there and keep on doing it yourself. Now, to be honest, you will want to be getting on with other things as your smoothie is being made, so that is not exactly a good thing.

    However, if we flip over to Nutribullet, then they have an auto button and all you need to do is to just press it once and you are then free to walk around the kitchen until it is ready.

    This is certainly a lot better and for us it is an important difference especially between the 900 and Pro versions.

  • The Cups

    Of course, the cups are going to also play an important role in your decision on which one to purchase. As we mentioned earlier, the cups that you get with the Nutribullet depends on the mode you purchase, but then the same can be said with the Nutri Ninja range.

    To make our comparison fair, we are sticking to the 900 model and Ninja Pro model and what we see is that the Nutribullet is slightly better.

    With the Nutribullet 900 model, you do get an 18, 24, and 32 oz cup as well as the flip top lid. With the Ninja Pro model, you get everything in the 900 model apart from the 32 oz cup, which makes it inefficient for produce larger amounts at one time.

    This cad determine if you should purchase this one or not. It is also worth adding that you cannot interchange the cups between the two as they come with different fittings on the base so they will not fit.

    In other words, there is no point in just buying a spare cup as you will be wasting your money. It is also worth adding that the Ninja Professional Blender does come with a 72 oz cup, so at that point it certainly does surpass the Nutribullet although typically speaking with this part the Nutribullet wins.

    So, keeping all this in mind, we can conclude that with the cups section, it is the Nutribullet that gives you the better options.

    However, if you plan on only using it yourself and sporadically, then this slight difference will not have much bearing on your final decision. Nutri Ninja models will be equally suitable.

  • The Price of The Two

    When it comes to the price for the Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja, then the Nutribullet does work out as being slightly more expensive.

    The important point to make here is that they are both pretty much in the same ball park when it comes to the cost, so you then need to really focus on the difference in what they can do rather than being swayed by your budget.

    They are both more towards the lower end of the market, but that does not mean that they are inferior as that is certainly not the case.

    They are both well-made and will certainly be able to do a good job on your smoothies, but at least you are not going to break the bank with either of them.

How They Both Compare.

Prior to our final conclusion, we should summarize how the two brands compare to one another.

  • The Nutribullet provides you with a more powerful motor at 1700 watts compared to 1500 watts.
  • You get a 6 edged blade with Nutri Ninja compared to a 2 edged blade and cyclonic technology.
  • The Nutri Ninja leaves things behind and does not completely blend, the Nutribullet does a better job.
  • The Nutri Ninja makes a smoother drink.
  • Both are capable of breaking ice although you do need the better models to really do this.
  • Like for like, Nutribullet has the better cups and slightly better functions.
  • The Nutri Ninja has a slightly more robust look to it although the Nutribullet is sleeker looking.
  • Nutri Ninja is cheaper although there does not tend to be too much of a difference between the prices.

As you can see, there are some subtle differences between the two brands, but they are key differences that do affect the way that the blenders work. This does make life difficult as they are both aiming at the same market and there is not much to distinguish between them.

Our Overall Conclusion.

If it comes down to cost, then Nutri Ninja wins. If it comes down to getting as much goodness as possible, then Nutribullet wins. If it is a smooth drink, then we go back to Nutri Ninja and we could continue to flick back between the two of them with pretty much every single feature that appears on their blenders.

So, which one is best out of Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja?

Well, that depends on what you want to get out of your blender because when it comes to producing a nice smoothie, then the Nutri Ninja does a fractionally better job, and it is all thanks to its blade design.

The Nutribullet might be more powerful and gives you more features, but at the end of the day it is all about the quality of the final product and in this case we are talking about the smoothie itself.

However, as they are both within the same price range and pretty much do the same kind of things, you are not going to be disappointed no matter which one you choose.

They will both extract that goodness out of your fruit and vegetables and will produce something that you can drink quite easily and that, after all, is the most important thing.

Vitamix vs Ninja

Vitamix vs Ninja Blenders: How Do They Compare Against One Another?

Vitamix and Ninja are two popular brands of blenders, but when you have two such sterling competitors in the same industry, it inevitably leads to one question, how do they compare against one another? It is perfectly reasonable to ask this because, after all, you are going to be spending a reasonable amount of money on the purchase of a blender and clearly, you want to know that you are making the correct choice.

Now, each of these companies does have a range of blenders that you can choose from. So, what we are going to do is look at the main features to ultimately decide which one is best.


  • Vitamix 5300 Improved 5200 More Powerful, Fits Under Cabinet Model

Lets compare the Ninja Ultima (Left) and the Vitamix 5300 (upgrade of the Vitamix 5200) (Right)

[go_pricing id="classic-blue_15"]

How Do They Compare With Power?

Power is a big thing when it comes to a blender because you need to have more power for it to really smash through those tough ingredients or ice. The weaker a blender is, then the more it will struggle.It has to be said that neither of these product range is lacking in the power department.

Both brands are capable of doing so much as you need. For example, with Vitamix, their 5200 model comes with a 2 horsepower engine whilst others in its range have a total of 1,380 watts. This is certainly enough to crush ice and blend anything that you want it to.

With the Ninja range, if you buy the Professional NJ600, you will be getting a blender with 1000 watts, whilst the Ninja Ultima is their most powerful at 1500 watts. The Vitamix is however faster and stronger as seen on the video.

To be honest, either of them is going to be more than suitable for the majority of tasks that it will be asked to perform, although the Ninja Ultima is slightly more expensive and would perhaps be best for people that plan on using it for making iced drinks on a more regular basis. It is commercial grade.

Overall, when we are looking at power, then the 2 brands are pretty even. The decision on which to buy comes down to other key factors with how well they can both perform. At least with the power you are not paying extra money for anything more.

How Do They Compare With The Speed?

When it comes to the speed, then the Vitamix 5200 provides you with the ability to vary it from anywhere between 500 rpm to 37,000 rpm. This in itself is pretty amazing because it does mean that you are able to do a variety of things. Setting the speed is also nice and easy. If we compare Vitamix to the Ninja model range, then we see that across the board they have just three settings. This allows you to vary between a slow speed for jobs such as making dough, to blending at moderate speed, to crushing ice with their top setting of 24,000 rpm. In other words, the Vitamix range has a faster speed, but then you could argue that this is to be expected when you consider that it is more expensive.

How Do Their Blades Compare?

This is an area where there are some real differences, and of course, it is also an area where you are going to be paying particular attention. What we see when we compare both brands is that they do tackle the blade issue in completely different ways.

With Vitamix, you are looking at their product range having a four prong blade that is made from stainless steel. The four blades are actually split up into two different types; two blades are specifically for cutting whilst, the other two are for blending.

This allows you to use the blender for a variety of jobs. However, the most important part is that these blades are not going to lose their edge even after extensive use. They are of top quality manufacture.

When we move to the Ninja brand, we see that they have adopted a different way of manufacturing their blades. Their version is longer and has 6 blades alternating on the side of the blade.

It has to be said that they are extremely sharp, but they are all designed for the same purpose unlike the Vitamix range. Clearly, this can have an impact on how well the blade will perform different tasks.

So, in terms blades, both are good for cutting but Vitamix does give you more options even though it has two fewer blades.

How Easy Are They To Use?

To be perfectly honest, this is one area where they are both equal. We are hardly talking about rocket science here. Both are very easy to use and there is next to no chance of you getting confused or not being able to get the blender to do what you want it to.

We are only talking about a few buttons and dials to turn and both companies could have hardly made it any easier if they tried. Both Ninja and Vitamix should be applauded here.

How They Compare With The Build Quality.

Let's begin by looking at how they compare when it comes to the way in which they are manufactured. You need to remember that you will be using your blender to deal with frozen ice, raw ingredients, and other tough items, so you want it to be of strong built.

There are some marked differences between the two brand names. First, when you look at them side by side, it is clear to the naked eye that the Ninja range has not been manufactured to the same high standards as Vitamix.

The ninja models come across as being quite cheaply made, which is actually reflected in their lower price, and your initial thoughts will tend to be that it is just not as sturdy as it should be.

The base is plastic and even the feet seem to be cheap whereas the Vitamix range appears to be built to last. It is sturdy, it feels almost industrial, and you just have more confidence in its ability to blend pretty much continuously for years to come. At this point, Vitamix has to be seen as being the best blender out of the two.

How Do They Compare With What They Can Do?

The quality of the product is one thing, but we are all interested in what they are capable of doing before we are able to decide which one to buy.

If we look at the Vitamix range, no matter which one you want to buy, you will it can do pretty much anything that you want it to do. We are talking about it being used to crush ice, make dough, blend either fruit or vegetables, and even grind grains and make hot soup.

This is seriously impressive and it shows how a Vitamix blender really is a multi-purpose kitchen utensil even though it is more expensive than the Ninja range.

Speaking of the Ninja blenders, they are capable of doing pretty much everything that the Vitamix blenders can do with the exception of dealing with grains and making hot soup.

However, it is generally accepted that even though it can blend a variety of ingredients and crush ice, it does not do it to the same level as Vitamix.

However, as long as you are quite content with not having everything as smooth as possible, then this might not be as big a problem as you initially thought.

So, when it comes to what the blenders can do and as you may have expected, it is certainly the case that Vitamix blender is better. However, if you do not intend to make soup or crush grains, the Ninja range is also a good option to consider.

What About The Containers And Quantity?

So, we have looked at what both brands are capable of doing, but how about the quantity and the containers?

Well, both companies produce containers from the same material. So, there really should not be much of a difference at least in the quality of the product.

However, you do get more options with Vitamix as you will have the choice between a 64oz container, including a low-profile option, a 48oz container, and finally a 32oz container which is perfect for dried grains. Compare this to the Ninja range where you have 72 oz pitcher, a 40oz bowl, and a single cup.

What is interesting is that both companies have decided to tackle the issue of containers from completely different angles. With the Ninja range, it is good to see that they provide a bowl option as this does make it easier to blend certain ingredients, especially if you are making dough, and the single cup option is great if you are looking to make a smoothie.

Perhaps the conclusion that we can reach when it comes to the containers is that, in actual fact, even though they have less options, the containers that come with the Ninja blender tend to be more useful.

After all, it is very easy to just change your measurements in the 72oz pitcher, but it is the bowl and cup option that is the real winner. In an ideal world, Vitamix would introduce these kinds of options especially as a much cheaper competitor is already doing it.

What about Their Warranty?

This is where Vitamix really does run away with the competition because when you purchase this US made product you, get a 7 year long warranty that basically covers you for everything you could imagine.

This is far superior to the standard one year warranty that you will get if you purchase a Ninja blender, although some do argue that there is a longer warranty available, but this is not made clear enough for customers.

Now, if you are going to be using your blender extensively, clearly, a 7 year warranty is far superior in every conceivable way especially as every part of it is covered. There is basically no need for you to worry about anything going wrong as you know you are going to be covered.

How Do They Compare On Price?

Considering the differences that exist between the two, it is no surprise to hear that the Ninja range is a fraction of the price when compared to Vitamix blenders.

It all comes down to the budget that you have available as well as how often you plan on using your blender. If you intend to use it less, you cannot justify be spending around the $500 mark for a Vitamix?

But if you are the type of person that loves blending, then it will work out cheaper in the long term. Vitamix blenders are like a work horse for years.

So, when it comes to comparing price, then it all depends on the budget you have, what you want to use the blender for, and how often you intend to use it.

They both offer value for money in their own way, although we do admit that Vitamix is more to the top end of the market and may be out of reach for a lot of people.

Our Overall Conclusion

Overall, the 2 blenders are a prime example of “you get what you pay for', because the Vitamix range is superior to the Ninja range of blenders in pretty much every way you can imagine, apart from price and, surprisingly, the container aspect.

They may also be equal when it comes to the power that they offer, but perhaps the overriding factor is that Vitamix produce blenders that are of a superior quality and will last for longer.

This is not to say that the Ninja blenders are at the bottom end of the market, but they are generally half the price of Vitamix and this is something that should be taken into consideration when looking to buying one.

Of course, we have previously argued that Vitamix will last you longer if you are serious with blending, but if you only planning on using it infrequently, perhaps, spending as much is not a good idea.

However, if price is not a concern and you are only looking for a quality product, then it is difficult to see past a blender from Vitamix. It will blend, it will crush, and it will mix things perfectly. It may get a bit noisy when it is working at its optimum level, but that will all be forgotten when you see the end results.

Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet

Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet: Which One is for you

Before you decide which blender you should buy, you will need to determine why exactly you need this appliance for. The answer to this question will determine the characteristics of the device you will need to consider when purchasing it.

So, what exactly is a blender? It’s an electric device used to puree, mix, or emulsify food. Aside from your kitchen, these devices can also be used in laboratories to perform the actions listed above on various ingredients.

There are several varieties of this appliance available on the market. The most popular for households is a stationary blender which consists of a base that contains an electric motor, and a blender jar which has a rotating metal blade. Both Magic Bullet and Nutribullet blenders compared in this post fall into this category.

Magic Bullet

Nutribullet 600

Nutribullet 900

Nutribullet RX

Perfect for

Basic blender

for personal use. 

The First Step

Toward Healthy Eating

Those With

An Active Lifestyle


Nutrient Extraction


200 Watts

600 Watts

900 Watts

1700 Watts



Gray, Blue & Red


Elegant Black


Up to 18 oz

Up to 24 oz

Up to 32 oz

Up to 45 oz

BPA Free





Recipe Book





Heating Functionality





Make hot soups






It enables you to create very filling food that will keep you energized for a while.

Whether you need to charge your batteries for some challenge you will face soon or restore your energy after a rigorous workout.

If you blend at the right thickness, you will be able to create a filling healthy snack that your body will process quickly. Therefore, your anticipated energy boost will arrive much sooner.

NameMagic BulletNutribullet-600Nutribullet Pro-900Nutribullet RX
Who is it for?Perfect for those who don’t use blenders frequentlySuitable for the people starting a healthy eating planMade for pros who use the appliance frequentlyA powerful device designed for those who want to extract maximum nutrition value
Motor power250 Watt600 Watt900 Watt1700 Watt
Capacity18 oz.18 and 24 oz.18, 24, and 32 oz.30 and 45 oz.
Recipe book100 pages110+ pages150+ pages150+ pages
Price on Amazon78-110 USD89.99-104 USD129.99 USD178.49-199.99 USD

How to Choose the Right Model

As you can see, there are many high quality blenders on the market. This actually makes choosing the one for you rather difficult as each model looks good. To sum up, the factors you need to consider in order to make a decision you will not regret are:

  • Frequency of use.

    If you are going to use your new appliance on a daily basis, you need to go for the more powerful options. This will save you from the need to buy a new blender in a few months as the “weaker” models won’t hold up for a long time of rigorous use.

  • Features and capabilities.

    Think of what exactly you want from your blender and look for the device capable of providing the results you seek. You should study the information available about the devices, especially reviews. This will allow you to get a better idea of what exactly the appliance is capable of.

  • Motor power.

    This is usually one of the most important considerations. Look up some videos online where you can see how exactly the blender you consider buying handles various foods. You need to be sure that the power level you choose will be sufficient to meet your needs.

Apart from these important factors, you will also need to take the price of the device into account. However, do not forget that the cost is directly tied to the appliance’s power level.

If you want to save money by buying a 250 Watt blender while planning to use it like the one with 900 W of power, you will be forced to pay twice as the machine will not be able to handle the abuse for long.

In Conclusion

Each of the blenders mentioned in this comparison has its pros and cons. To make the right choice you should understand how hard you are going to use the device because each will serve you well within certain limits. Therefore, identifying and understanding these limits is most important if you want to choose a perfect blender for you.

Magic Bullet is a great kitchen helper, but it cannot handle heavy use for extended periods of time. Nutribullet-600 is an excellent appliance for those who only begin to discover the benefits of healthy eating.

Nutribullet Pro-900 is a way more advanced model suitable for people who really love using blenders on a daily basis. Nutribullet RX is the most advanced model suitable for people who need a “commercial strength” blender for a reasonable price.

You are the one who is going to use this device, so it’s up to you to determine which of them suits your needs best. Give the matter some thought and develop a list of the things you expect from a blender.

Use it as your guide when studying characteristics of different appliances available on the market. Don’t forget to check out user reviews to learn more about the devices you are interested in.

Nutribullet vs Nutri Ninja Bullet

Nutri Ninja vs Nutribullet: Who Comes Out On Top?

Choosing a blender is no easy task because there are a great many of them available on the market. The Ninja or Nutri Ninja and the Nutribullet stand out among them due to their high quality and efficiency, and the reasonable price charged for appliances of such caliber.

It’s difficult to determine which of them is best as both Ninja and Nutribullet blenders have their own strengths and weaknesses. Each company offers several models with different features, which makes deciding between the two even more difficult.

Nutri Ninja vs Nutribullet Comparision 2017

Nutribullet Blenders

nutribullet vs nutri ninja
  • 600 to 1700 watts & Up to 2.2 HP
  • Upto 30,000 Max RPMs for Nutribullet RX
  • ​Blender Pitcher Capacity - Max of 45 oz.
  • Mutiple cups included: 18, 24 & 32 oz cups 
  • ​Made in China
  • ​BPA free & Dish washer safe
  • One Touch Buttons 
  • Recipe Book included
  • Heating Functionality (Does make hot soup) - Please see Nutribullet RX for this function.
  • Struggles crushing big ice cubes.See Vitamix 750 or Blendtec

Ninja Blenders

nutribullet vs nutri ninja
  • 1000 to 1500 Watts & Upto 2.0 HP
  • Upto 24,000 Max RPMs for Ninja Mega BL771
  • Blender Pitcher Capacity -  Max of  72 oz.
  • ​Multiple cups included 16, 24, 32 & 64 oz cups
  • Made in USA
  • ​BPA free & Dish washer safe
  • Touch Buttons: 3 Speeds + Pulse
  • ​Recipe Book included
  • Heating Functionality (Doesn't make hot soup) - Please see Nutribullet RX for this function
  • Struggles crushing big ice cubes. See Vitamix 750 or Blendtec
  • If you want to be sure that you’ve made the right decision, you should consider all the pros and cons, as well as your personal requirements. Hopefully, this comparison will help you get a better idea about these two blenders.
  • As far as basic characteristics go, Ninja and Nutribullet blenders offer you the following:

Design & Appearance 

Both Nutribullet and Ninja blenders are designed to look good in a modern kitchen. If your interior is more extravagant, and a contemporary design in black will look out of place there, you should go with the Nutribullet, as they offer a variety of colors and the design of the machine itself is more subtle.

Therefore, it can “blend in” regardless of the overall style of your kitchen.

Power and Blades

In regards to power, the latest model from Nutribullet, Nutribullet RX is the winner, as it offers 1700 watts. The most powerful model from Ninja, Ninja Ultima BL820 has only a 1500-watt motor. However, both are perfectly capable of performing any task that a good blender should. (Also see Nutribullet RX review)

All in all, different models of both brands vary in power from 600 to 1700 watts, so everyone can find their perfect match, even if you only want to buy an appliance capable of performing the most basic blender functions.

If horsepower is the most important factor for you, the Nutribullet RX is the best choice.

Nutribullet Blades

(Nutri) Ninja Blades

nutribullet vs nutri ninja
nutribullet vs nutri ninja

Ninja and Nutribullet blades are very different, and this is definitely one of the most important considerations you need to take into account when deciding between these products.

Both blenders have four sharp blades. Therefore, they will dull with time and will need to be either sharpened in a professional shop or replaced.

In Ninja models, the blades are positioned higher. This allows them to reach further into the cup when blending, so they are really good for mixing and grinding. Nutribullet blades blend the ingredients more thoroughly and are better at liquefying.

Containers and Lids

Please note that the number, size, and variety of the containers depends on the model of the blender you buy.

nutribullet vs nutri ninja

Study the specifications carefully to make sure that it has everything you need.Otherwise, you will have to pay extra for an additional container.

The biggest standard jar offered by Ninja is 32 oz., but the bigger, more recent Ninja systems such as the Ninja Ultima BL820 have a 72 oz. blender pitcher.

The Nutribullet RX comes with a 45 oz. container. Ninja blenders are equipped with Sip and Seal lids, while Nutribullet models usually have Stay Fresh reusable lids.(see Nutribullet RX review)

The Nutribullet Pro-900 model comes with a Flip To-Go lid, which is one of the things that makes this particular blender a great choice for athletes.

A very important thing you need to take into account in regards to jars is their capacity. The size of the container doesn’t necessarily mean that you can fill it to the brim.

Ninja blenders have their fill line close to the top of the jars, but the Nutribullet has one only about halfway up. You can fill both with fruits or vegetables to the brim, but you will not be able to do so with liquids.

Therefore, is you want to use recipes that require a lot of liquid, Ninja blenders are your best bet.

Functionality & Control

The controls on every model offered by both Ninja and Nutribullet are easy to master within minutes of reading the instructions, both offer one-touch buttons. Ninja blenders such as the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ (BL482) definitely win in this regard due to the Auto IQ technology built into them.This program makes controlling the device so easy that even a child could do it.

Nutribullet RX One Touch Button

(Nutri) Ninja One Touch Buttons

Auto-iQ™ Technology is one-touch intelligent programs designed specifically for each cup/pitcher attachment. These intelligent programs combine unique, timed pulsing, blending and pausing patterns. This produces great blends and enhances the extration of nutrients

Both machines offer some pre-programmed functions and manual speed settings. There is also a Pulse function you can use. The exact specifications of the machine’s features depend on the model and vary greatly.

(Nutri) Ninja and Nutribullet blenders are equally easy to handle. Their jars are dishwasher safe and the rest of the appliance can be cleaned with minimal effort on your part. Just don’t forget to do this every time you use the machine, using the tools that came with the appliance to help you along.

Price and Warranty

Both brands offer several similarly-priced models. You can buy a Ninja or Nutribullet blender for $90-$200 depending on the model and configuration. See Amazon for pricing.

When buying from Amazon, these blenders usually come with 1 year warranty. This is a normal feature for kitchen appliances, and is not a reason for concern.

However, you need to remember to be very careful when handling these machines. It would be a shame to ruin a perfectly good blender simply because of clumsiness. Please see prices below.

Nutribullet vs Nutri Ninja: What are the Functions and Capabilities?

  • If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, a blender becomes a necessity in your kitchen. This appliance can make juices , smoothies, and even soups. The biggest advantage of blending is the fact that the best machines are capable of extracting the maximum amount of nutrients from food.
  • Therefore, they can make your meals much healthier with very little effort on your part. A high-quality blender is also a good purchase for those who have little free time to cook. It will take you only a couple of minutes to make a smoothie, or a spread you can have on toast.
  • This kind of snack is much healthier than anything you can buy from a food stall on your way to work or during a short break.
  • Both Ninja and Nutribullet blenders can help you change your diet for the better. These machines are capable of:

Functions and Capabilities

1. Making Smoothies

This is the number one function of any blender. Quite a few users don’t even need anything else from these appliances, so it’s only reasonable that the machine’s ability to produce smoothies will be the most important factor for every buyer.

If this is the case for you, Nutribullet will be the best choice, especially the latest model that has 1700 watts of power.The Nutribullet RX can effectively pulverize anything you throw at it and create a wonderful smoothie (see Nutribullet RX review)

Texture is everything in this case, and this machine can really make it smooth and consistent. Ninja blenders, even the most advanced of them, usually create a chunkier product.

Of course, these smoothies can still be enjoyable, but they won’t be as perfect as the ones that come out of the most powerful Nutribullet, the NutriBullet Rx Blender.

2. Juicing

In regards to juicing, the Nutribullet is a superior blender to the Ninja because it can effectively liquefy skins, stems, and even seeds from fruits and vegetables.

Therefore, it makes the healthiest juices as the machine can extract all nutrients from the food. It’s not impossible to juice some fruits and veggies in your Ninja blender, but the result just wouldn’t be the same.

3. Making hot soups

The Nutribullet RX is the only model of the Nutribullet line capable of making hot superfood soups.

According to the user reviews, this blender is great at this particular function.

Unlike the Nutribullet RX, any Blendtec, or Vitamix blenders, there does not exist a version of the Ninja blenders that attain high enough speeds to actually make hot soup from cold starting ingredients.​

Question: Can I make hot soup in the Ninja Blenders?

No, Ninja blenders including Nutri Ninja® Pro Complete with Auto-iQ cannot heat soups from cold ingredients. If you are making soup its recommended you let the ingredients cool before adding them to the blender pitcher.


  • Ninja blenders have specific warning to not place hot liquids over 180°F/82°C in them

Due to its power and high quality blades, the Nutribullet RX can liquefy food effectively and produce smooth and delicious hot soup within minutes.

4. Making ice creams and desserts

Now this is where Ninja blenders are definitely superior to Nutribullet models.

If the reviews of various Ninja appliances are to be believed, these machines produce perfect desserts, especially if ice is a part of the recipe.

Ninja appliances are exceptionally good at blending softer types of produce.

Therefore, as long as you don’t put anything with seeds or hard skin in your dessert, using one of these machines will be easy. Nutribullet blenders are perfectly capable of making similar dishes.

However, the older models aren’t powerful enough to blend the food smoothly enough, and the most advanced one (Nutribullet RX) makes it too smooth, which is not always a good quality in a dessert.

5. Grinding ​

Due to its superior power, the Nutribullet RX is better at grinding hard foods. You can make flour in it, which will help you make much healthier bread and better pastries.

Please note that less advanced models of the Nutribullet such as the pro 900 will not be able to grind so efficiently. Another thing you need to consider is the fact that grinding hard seeds will affect the container.

It will become covered in scratches, and may look “foggy” on the inside. This will not damage the jar’s performance, but its looks will be changed permanently.

6. Mixing and Making Butter​

Both blenders can be used for mixing and even making batter.

The Ninja and the Nutribullet can replace mixers, but this isn’t the main purpose of blenders, so you shouldn’t overuse the machines in this capacity.

Please note that only the most advanced models of both brands can do this. In order to make dough in a Ninja blender, you will need to purchase a special container.

Therefore, this will add to the cost of the device. With the Nutribullet, you can use the one you have, but the dough may stick on the blades.

7. Chopping

Both the Ninja and the Nutribullet are good at chopping, but the former is definitely better. Nutribullet blades cut the food in pieces that are too fine to be considered roughly chopped, so you can’t use them in many dishes.

If this function is important for you, pick the Ninja, as this blender is great for chopping and making spreads you can eat on toast.

Ninja blenders can also be used as grinders. However, the final product will not live up to the flour you get from the Nutribullet RX.

  • The vast majority of reviews regarding both these blenders are positive. There are some complaints, especially regarding blade issues in Nutribullet blenders.
  • However, in many cases, the problems are caused by the users themselves. Be sure to study the manual carefully so that you don’t damage the appliance by accident.
  • These will give you a better understanding of the machine’s real capabilities, as you will be able to see the products with your own eyes.

I absolutely love my Nutri Ninja blender! I’ve been using it for over three months now and have yet to see any problem with the machine. It makes perfect smoothies and grinds great coffee. I mostly use it for breakfast meals, so I’m sure it will serve me well for many more months to come

Inga Lawrence 

My wife and I bought our Nutri Ninja Blender System only a month ago. For now, both of us are very satisfied with the machine. I’m even learning some simple cooking as using the blender is ridiculously easy. The only problem is the noise as we have a small apartment and it wakes the baby sometimes. However, as far as I’ve been able to find out, all reasonably powerful blenders have this issue

John Michaels
Nutri Ninja user

I just bought Nutribullet RX last week, and I’ve been so excited that I already tried all the functions and a dozen of the recipes from the book that came with the machine. I’m absolutely delighted and look forward to discovering how many other delicious foods I’ll be able to make with my new best kitchen-friend

Clara Williams 

I so loved my Nutribullet Pro-900, until the blades failed. Don’t get me wrong, the machine is great and I’m totally satisfied with it. But apparently, using it for some heavy grinding almost every day wore it down. I will purchase a more powerful model in the future, but I’m sure I’ll stick to Nutribullet

Karla Umbert 

Conclusion: So Which is the Best?

There is no “correct” answer to this question as both companies offer great, high-quality blenders that would definitely be welcome in any kitchen. However, there is no denying the fact that there are some major differences between the two.

In general, if you want to get a smoother product or wish to use your blender for juicing, you should go with the latest model from Nutribullet, the Nutribullet RX

On the other hand, if you want to use the appliance to help you make delicious side dishes and desserts, Ninja is the better option, especially their most advanced models the Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770)

Think hard on what you want to use your blender for and make a decision based on this. Both Ninja and Nutribullet machines are high quality, reasonably priced, easy to use, and durable.

All in all, they have everything you could want in a blender. Therefore, the main question is which model has exactly what you need. This is the most important factor you need to take into account, so think of your needs first.

Magic bullet vs Nutri Ninja 2017 – Buyers Guide & Reviews

Nowadays blenders are very affordable due to high supply of blenders by different companies in the market. There is no doubt you will find affordable and expensive blenders; highly performing and low performing blending products in the market.

The biggest challenge consumers face today is, finding ways to choose durable, affordable and yet highly performing products today. For this reason, product comparison reviews are quite important.

Two products in the market promise quite a lot to consumers. The Magic Bullet and Ninja say they are the best in the market and yet affordable.

Magic Bullet vs Nutri Ninja - Comparison Chart

Magic Bullet Blenders

  • 250 Watts
  • 0.335 Horsepower
  • Blender Pitcher Capacity - Max of 16 oz.
  • 12 & 2 x 8 oz mugs included
  • Made in China
  • LxWxH - 13.2 x 6.9 x 10.6 inches
  • BPA Free
  • ​Weight - 4.7 pounds
  • ​1 yr limited warranty
  • No touch Button- place cups on High-Torque Power Base 
  • ​Colour - Silver
  • ​Included Recipe Book
  • Dish washer safe
  • Heating Functionality (Doesn't make hot soup) - Please see Nutribullet RX for this function
  • Struggles crushing big ice cubes.See Vitamix 750 or Blendtec

Nutri Ninja Blenders

nutribullet vs nutri ninja
  • 900 Watts
  • 1.2 Horsepower
  • Blender Pitcher Capacity - Max of 24 oz
  • ​12 ,18 & 24 oz cups included
  • Made in China
  • ​LxWxH - 12.9 x 7.9 x 14.8 inches
  • ​BPA free
  • Weight - 8.2 pounds
  • 1 yr limited warranty
  • Touch buttons -Speeds with Pulse Technology
  • Colour - Silver & Black
  • Included Recipe Book
  • Dish washer safe
  • Heating Functionality (Doesn't make hot soup) - Please see Nutribullet RX for this function
  • Struggles crushing big ice cubes. See Vitamix 750 or Blendtec

Ninja vs Magic Bullet - Product Summary

Magic Bullet Review

The Magic is a great product for grinding small quantities of food and spices. It comes with many accessories and jars.

Product Features
  • 1 High-Torque Power Base
  • 1 18-oz. Tall Cup
  • 1 12-oz. Short Cup
  • 2 Stainless-Steel Blades (Cross & Flat)
  • 2 Stay-Fresh Re-Sealable Lids
  • 2 Shaker-Steamer Tops
  • 4 Party Mugs
  • 4 Colored Lip Rings
  • 1 10-Second Recipe book

However, it offers limitations such as 250-watt motor power limitation. It limits multitasking and consumers have reported spilling when in use. The smoothie consistency is terrible, and the low motor power is the main cause for this.

Things we liked

  • Very affordable
  • Hardcover Recipe Book Included
  • BPA Free

Things we didn't like

  • ​Heating Functionality-cannot heat soups & sauces
  • Low smoothie quality due to low power

Nutri Ninja Blender Review

The Ninja is quite powerful with a 900-watt motor.It is good for a smoothie with great consistency.

Its capacity is equally great, and it is the best for making smoothies, grinding and shredding.

Product Features
  • 1 Blender base
  • 1 24-oz. Mixing cup with lid
  • 1 18-oz. Mixing cup with lid
  • 1 12-oz. Mixing cup with lid
  • 1 Pro Extractor blade
  • 1 Recipe
  • 1 User Guide

The Nutri Ninja has two major limitations that include; it doubles in price compared to the Magic Bullet and you have to hold it down for it to blend. Holding this product limits anyone to multitask.

Things we liked

  • Very Smooth output e.g. smoothie
  • Hardcover Recipe Book Included
  • BPA Free

Things we didn't like

  • ​Heating Functionality-cannot heat soups & sauces
  • More expensive than the Magic Bullet Blender

Magic Bullet vs Nutri Ninja - Feature Comparisons

Table of contents - Nutri Ninja vs Magic Bullet

Motor Power

The motor is the engine of the product. It is considered the heart of the product because its functions revolve around the motor. The Magic Bullet offers a 250-watt motor power with a horsepower of 0.34.

It comes with a rotation per minute of 2,000 RPM. This power is quite low for sure and it is quite disappointing. Making smoothies with this product is quite disappointing.

The Nutri Ninja is a great product, unlike the magic bullet. It offers a 900-watt motor power with a 1.2 horse power. It comes with a 21,000 RPM. The power of the Ninja makes it the best for making smoothies with great consistency.

Under this feature, the Ninja takes up the challenge of being the best in the market with the power. It makes the Ninja the best for chopping, grinding and even smashing.


The capacity is another issue we had to compare. The Magic Bullet comes with 2 cups. One 18 oz. Tall cup and another 12 oz. short cup. This cup capacity is quite small and it is meant to for one person. At the same time, the capacity is too big for its motor capacity. This is a big limitation where one cannot make great smoothies.

The (Nutri) Ninja does also offer a small capacity. In other words, you can only make a smoothie for one person. However, the capacity is a bit larger compared to the Magic bullet. It comes with 3 mixing cups. These are 24 oz. Tall mixing cup with a lid, 18 oz. Middle mixing cup with lid and a 12 oz. small sized mixing cup with a lid.

Under this specification, the Ninja yet again takes the sport. Even though both of these products offer similar capacity, the ninja has proven to be the best. Moreover, the capacity of the Bullet is not best suited for its motor capacity for making smoothies. However with the Ninja, the motor’s power is sufficient enough for its capacity.


Unfortunately, both of these products come with a one year warranty. Depending on the store you buy the product, you will receive money back guaranty from 30 days to 60 days. The cost would be minus handling cost, shipping cost and even restocking cost.

Easy to use

Both of these products embody simplicity. With these products, all you have to do is to put your ingredients and then hook up the cup to the bottom and push the top downwards to initiate blending.

In this category, the ninja does not promise the same controls. Through it, blending has become even much easier. All you have to do is put all your ingredients into your cup, select your speed and blend your ingredients.


The best thing about these products is that they are all dishwasher safe. Everything in the products can be placed in a dishwasher apart the engine base part. All of its blades, attachments and lids are also dishwashers safe. This makes it very easy, simple and quick.

The Cost

The Magic Bullet costs $ 99.99 and the Ninja costs $199.99 only. Clearly the Ninja is double compared to the Magic Bullet. Clearly the product is worth the money.

The ninja is expensive because it is the only blender with dual stage blending. Combining this with high speed and crashing technology for great results.


To identify which product is the best, you have to take a closer look at each detail of the products closely. In other words, you have to determine which is the best product for you? Each and every one of us has different taste in everything.

Therefore, one may see the magic bullet as the best product whereas another person may find the ninja as the best. At the same time, the cost of each product is the biggest factor in determining which product will be bought.

Best Air Fryer 2017 – Buyers Guide & Reviews

Best Air Fryer 2017 Reviews: Oil Free, Tasty And Healthy Foods        

Are you looking for a healthier alternative to the oily and fried foods that you eat, without having to forego your favorite foods? The air fryer is a perfect choice to enjoy those French fries and crispy chicken wings that you are afraid to eat because of the excess oil content in them.

The air fryer uses hot air in place of oil for cooking food. This makes it one of the healthiest appliances in your kitchen. With its health benefits, air fryers are in great demand attracting a deluge of products that boast of durability and efficiency.

Here are some important features you should look for while purchasing an air fryer:

Air Fryer Cooking Mechanism

To know about the features you should be familiar with the working mechanism of air fryers. An air fryer is a combination of different types of cooking in a single appliance. The electric coil present above the area where food is cooked helps provide radiant heating just like a stovetop burner or broiler element. The dry heat from the coil cooks the food.

A fan present over the coil produces superheated air as it passes through the coil and targets the food. This results in convection heating that you find in the commercial ovens in use now. The convection heating converts oil you add in minimal amounts into a mist that coats food evenly with the circulating heat. This helps to mimic the traditional deep frying action. While hot air circulates, the moisture in the food forms steam required to finish cooking.

Electrical Power

Air fryers require power ranging from 800 watts to 2,100 watts. So you should first ensure you have an appropriate outlet for the fryer.


Air fryers are capable of cooking 1.5 pounds to 2.5 pounds of meat or vegetables at any given time. You can purchase the size you need based on your requirements.

SettingsAnd Compactness

Most of the brands are easy to use and compact in size, so you can easily place them on your kitchen counter. However some models have advanced settings for the temperature and timers that may help your specific cooking needs. So you need to consider the settings too.

To own an air fryer that keeps you eating healthy foods and enjoy them at the same time you have to choose a product that meets with all your specific cooking needs and is durable and worth the money you shell out.

Don’t worry, you need not do the extensive research required to hone in on the apt product. We have everything covered. Here is a list of best air fryers in 2017 to help you out in your search for the right air fryer for you.

Philips XL Airfryer, The Original Airfryer, HD9240/94

Philips XL air fryer is an ideal choice to enjoy the fried foods that you favor with its rapid air technology. The technology helps circulate hot air precisely and with speed. Other favorable features in the air fryer include smart preset button for memorizing the settings you use for your frequently cooked or favorite food items.

The air fryer has a digital touchscreen that allows you to enter in the settings you need for cooking food, according to your specific taste. The product has a food basket and removable drawer both of which are coated with durable nonstick material. This makes it easy to cook food and clean the nonstick drawer and basket after cooking.

The capacity of the air fryer is 2.65 pounds, which is sufficient to cook for 4 people. With Rapid Air Technology, the Philips Air Fryer can cook food with 75% less amount of fat than what you use during normal deep frying.  You just need oil of about one tablespoon or less than that.

The starfish design unique to the air fryer helps circulate air and cook food evenly. Food is tender inside and crispy outside. With its innovative heating Philips air fryer can roast, steam, grill and bake foods easily. Other important features include:

Has a power capacity of 1750 Watts and a voltage of 120 V

Timer with 60 minutes duration

Temperature is adjustable up to a maximum of 390 degrees

Is dishwasher safe

Package includes recipe book and a free app that features over 150 recipes created in collaboration with star restaurateur and chef, Gordon Ramsay.

Dimensions of the package include 16.6 x 12.4 x 11.9 inches and weighs 19 pounds


French fries are easy to make and are tasty, crisp and perfectly  browned

The basket can be pulled out while the cooking is done to check the food without fear of burning. The air fryer has pause button which can also be used to check food while its cooking

It is easy to cook frozen items such as egg rolls, chicken nuggets etc. and foods that you prepare from scratch like chicken breasts, grilled sandwiches etc.

Light in weight and easy to store. Cord can be tucked into a specially provided compartment while storing

Clean up is easy with nonstick coating and dishwasher safe feature



Since food items require different time settings than what you normally need, there is a definite learning curve and sometimes the results may not turn out well due to the flaws in the design

For a family of five or more people, you need to cook in two or three batches as the basket does not allow food to be stacked. The optional pan for grilling helps, but you need to spend additional amount for it

The fryer is huge in size so takes up considerable amount of counter space.

It is difficult to clean food that is coming out of the air fryer exhaust and sticking to the edges of the control panel, when making from scratch.

2.GoWISE USA Programmable 7-in-1 Air Fryer, GW22621

GoWise Air Fryer of 3.7 quart capacity is an ideal choice for frying food without oil or very little oil. It has several advanced features including adjustable temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, timer of 30 minute duration with standby option and touch screen for choosing from the 7 inbuilt programs or manually programming of cooking time and button guard to avoid detachment of basket accidentally.

The air fryer is ETL certified and transferring food from the fryer to the plate is easy with detachable basket. GoWise air fryer uses rapid air circulation to cook food fast and evenly. The smartly designed features help you to cook all types of food including baking, sautéing, grilling and roasting meals, desserts and snacks. The dimensions of the air fryer include 9 x 8.5 x 12 inches and the item weighs 12 pounds.


Fries food that is crispy on the outer part and juicy and tender inside.

Nonstick coating makes it easy to clean

The design is compact so it takes up very little space

Fried foods do not have any grease on them

Very convenient and simple to use

Quicker than conventional or toaster oven

Temperature settings are easy to do manually and the preset version

Design is very appealing and touch screen is very good

The quick starter guide and recipe book are very useful



Nonstick coating is of very poor quality. It just wears and flakes off

Bottom pan chips off after a couple of months of use

The screws inside rust easily even after drying them immediately

The basket does not slide in completely letting heat escape during cooking process

Need to shake the basket during cooking to avoid food from sticking

Basket is too large and needs to be filled in up to half the level for even cooking

The tray has to be pushed in hard to lock it


3.Simple Chef Air Fryer

Simple Chef Air Fryer is an ideal choice for cooking food without added fat or oil quickly and in a healthy way. The air fryer uses Rapid Air Circulation to cook food without added grease or oil. You need just a single tablespoon or less oil. With conventional methods, you have to use gallons of oil for cooking food, but Simple Chef uses 70% less oil or fat for cooking deep fried foods.  The design is very sturdy and appealing to look at and is made from plastic free of BPA.

The important features in the air fryer include pan and basket made of nonstick coating, standby timer of 30 minute duration, temperature control ranging from 180 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, protection from overheating, rapid air circulation and dishwasher safe. The manufacturer offers guaranteed satisfaction with the product, failing which a refund will be offered, provided the return is done within 30 days. The dimensions of the product include 14.5 x 14.1 x 12.7 inches and the item weighs 11.9 pounds.


Cleanup is very easy due to nonstick and dishwasher safe feature

Price is inexpensive

Simple and easy to use

Controls are simple and can be operated just by twisting the knob

Compact in size hence convenient to store


Food cooked in the fryer is very dry

Foods like potatoes take a long time to cook and uneven cooking causes burning of foods

Temperature setting is difficult and the timer dials are made of poor quality material

The nonstick coating scratches easily and peels off even without using any abrasive scrubber

Cannot cook large quantities simultaneously


4.Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer

Big Boss Air Fryer with 16 quart capacity and 1300 watt power is a low energy high speed air fryer that supports healthy cooking with its oil less efficiency.  The air fryer combines infrared technology, convection and halogen heat to cook food to perfect outer crispiness and juicy moistness inside.

The halogen heating element helps to brown foods, roast them perfectly and add flavor. Convection element helps in hot air circulation. This helps to cook food faster. Infrared cooks the food evenly sealing the juices in foods and is apt for roasting turkey, baking fish, broiling steaks, grilling, toasting, steaming and frying chicken. The air fryer is also great for making dessert. The air fryer does all this and more without any defrosting or pre heating.

The dimensions of the product include 16 x 12.5 x 13.5 inches and it weighs 14.7 pounds. The two cooking trays help in cooking multiple foods simultaneously. The triple cooking feature uses fewer amounts of energy and makes cooking 3X faster. The tightly sealed lid helps to trap hot air inside.  The temperature settings are multiple and have food icons for easy identification of temperature needed for different food items.  The design is stylish and comes in six different appealing colors making it a trendy addition to the kitchen.


The book guide for cooking temperature is very useful

It is easy to adjust temperature according to your needs

The double cooking racks, wire basket and spacer ring make it easy to cook more food items and larger items too

Self-clean option makes it easy to clean after cooking.

Cooks all types of food easily and with the flavors intact

Does not heat up the entire kitchen while it works


The bowl capacity is just 13 quarts

The size is too large so takes up more space for storage  and tedious to put it away and use again

The taste is not comparable to cooking in oil. Not as crispy as deep frying

Time taken is longer than what the directions show

Does not brown foods

5.Air Fryer XL 5.3 QT Black Deluxe with Power Air Frying

Power Air Fryer XL model by Tristar Products is an amazing product that uses very minimal or no oil for cooking tasty and delicious food. From juicy chicken tenders and crispy French fries to delicious chicken wings and fish sticks the air fryer can virtually cook up a storm in your kitchen. And it also makes delicious desserts like fried donuts, chocolate chip cookies and fruit crisps.

The air fryer uses rapid air technology ensuring you have tasty and sumptuous fried foods without any added oil. The dimensions of the air fryer include 14.5″ H x 12.5″ W x 14.9″ D. Other important features include digital one touch LCD panel for setting the temperature, power capacity of 1700 watts and a recipe book by celebrity chef Eric Theiss. The package also includes Pizza Pan, cooking tongs and baking insert with the deluxe models.


The air fryer works flawlessly enabling to cook all fried items without adding oil

No greasy spatter to clean up or oil to dispose of after cooking

The colors are very pretty

Easy to clean because of nonstick coating

Cook book with numerous recipes is very useful


The handle bends easily under pressure making it easy to touch the hot cooking surface and getting burnt

The design is not very good

The cooking basket is difficult to remove and insert

The nonstick coating peels off

The drawer expands due to the cooking heat and becomes difficult to pull out and slide in

6.Avalon Bay Air Fryer

Avalon Bay air fryer is a great addition to the kitchen, if you are looking for a healthy alternative to deep fried foods. The air fryer is an innovative and very beneficial appliance that comes with multiple reheating and cooking options.

The air fryer is endowed with 1400 watts power and temperature range of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit ensuring you can grill, bake, fry or roast food to perfection in a healthy way. The 3.2 liter capacity air fryer also includes a baking set of two pieces and a cookbook. The timer is of 30 minute duration and the design has a removable basket.

The mechanism behind the air fryer is the same as what you see in convection ovens but is more superior. The XL fan feature in the appliance helps removes oil and fat from food. The oil drips through drip basket and the rapid air circulation lifts the oil and coats the food in it. This process continues until the cooking is completed. Thus you get crispy and juicy foods. The dimensions of the product include 13.5 x 11 x 12.8 inches and it weighs 14 pounds. The manufacturer offers a 90 day return guarantee, if you are not happy with the product.


The design helps to promote smooth and even cooking

The cleanup is very simple. You can use the dishwasher or just clean it with warm water and soap.

Nonstick coating helps to avoid food from sticking and making cleaning a big mess.

The two dials present are very easy and simple to use



With multiple washings the air fryer parts start to rust  and emit odor

Meat takes longer time to cook

The basket is difficult to fit in for the cooking to progress

Food gets dry if you do not check on the food frequently

Heating element cannot be cleaned

7.Air Fryer by Cozyna

Cozyna Air Fryer is a wonderful choice, if you are looking for an alternative way to cook fried foods without using oil. Cozyna air fryer is an all in one magic cooker that bakes, grills, fries and roasts all types of foods with just a single tablespoon of oil or even less.  In fact, it uses 70% less oil when compared to the usual deep frying method. All cooking parts are dishwasher safe making it easy to clean. The 1500 watts air fryer has a capacity of 3.2 liters and has a temperature range of up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is easy to adjust with the timer feature, which has 30minute duration. The product package includes two cookbooks with plenty of easy to cook and delicious recipes of all kinds. The dimensions of the product include 13 x 11.5 x 12.2 inches and it weighs 11 pounds.


The air fryer is well designed and of good quality

The flip switch used to disconnect basket from fryer is very good.

The compact size enables leaving it on the kitchen counter

Cooks sufficient food for two people

Cleaning is easy

Kitchen does not fill with oily smell

Controls are very convenient to use


The temperature button does not work so increasing or decreasing temperature is difficult

The cooking pan is very small and serves only one person. Does not cook large amoutns

Not appropriate for use by a family

The temperature setting is not clearly displayed

Food is not cooked evenly hence food is too dry or not of the desired flavor

Makes the kitchen hot

Basket is difficult to insert when the appliance is hot


8.GoWISE USA Air Fryer, GW22622

GoWise USA , the pioneer in air frying technology, has developed this 3.7 quart air fryer that lets you savor all your favorite fried foods and other items with very little or no oil. The air fryer features convenient to use dual controls, which help you set up a temperature ranging from 175 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The timer duration is 30 minutes. After the 30 minute elapses, the timer turns to standby mode. The indicator light present helps you to identify when the air fryer reaches the desired temperature.

The air fryer uses rapid air circulation feature to ensure even and fast cooking of food. The package includes a recipe book consisting of all types of recipes. The air fryer features automatic shut off mechanism when you remove the basket from the appliance and when the timer has reached its set time. The dimensions of the product include 9 x 8.5 x 12 inches and it weighs 12 pounds.


Food gets fried crisp and tender without adding any oil

Helps in cooking healthy, fast and delicious meals

Price is inexpensive

Does not make much noise

Works best for precooked food

Clean up is easy

Is great for reheating food


Timer knob is made of cheap quality

Cannot cook for a family of four or more people

Food is dry after cooking in it

Inner nonstick coating peels off after a few months use

The screws in the basket rusted in a few months

It is more like a convection oven than a fryer

9.Philips Airfryer, The Original AirfryerHD9220-28

Philips Air fryer is an ideal appliance to add to your kitchen, if you are looking for a healthy cooking option that does not involve little or no oil. The air fryer features a patented and unique star fish design that helps in quick and efficient circulation of hot air. Food cooked in the fryer is evenly cooked, crispy and tender.

The air fryer can steam, roast, grill or bake foods easily. The dimensions of the product include            13.8 x 13.8 x 15.1 inches and it weighs 16.4 pounds. The package includes a cookbook with more than 150 recipes provide by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Cleaning up after cooking is easy as all parts are dishwasher safe, and the basket and pans have nonstickcoating.


Easy and convenient to use without any preheat time or use of oil

Cooking time is faster

Cleaning up is easy

Fast delivery of product


Basket is small in size and hence can only cook small quantities at a time

In spite of nonstick coating cleaning is not easy as food sticks to the bottom of mesh basket and is difficult to remove

Timer is difficult to set

Is not good for cooking food from scratch

Size is big hence takes up more space in the kitchen

10.NuWave 36001 Brio Air Fryer

NuWave Brio Air Fryer provides a healthy choice for you as it allows you to grill, roast and bake your favorite foods with little or no oil. The 3 quart Brio Air Fryer made of premium grade plastic features digital LED display to enable accurate and consistent control of temperature and time needed to cook foods to perfection.

The fryer also has automatic pre heat function for cooking foods at a particular temperature. It includes a food basket and pan with a superior nonstick coating. And the fryer is designed with advanced safety features that prevent operation of unit unless the cooking basket is kept in the right position. The fryer basket and pan is dishwasher safe and easy to clean with its nonstick inner covering. The product dimensions include11 x 8 x 13 inches and it weighs 8 pounds.


Maintains proper temperature and cooks meals without oil and with much better taste

Retractable cord can be stored inside the fryer and storing it when not in use is easy

Recipe book has several good recipes

The basket and pan are easy to cook food and clean

Does not take up much of kitchen counter space

Digital control is bright and convenient to use


Food sticks to the pan and basket in spite of nonstick coating

The plastic is not of good quality. Heat seeps through the plastic and melts it

It rusts easily even if manufacturer claims it is dishwasher safe

Poorly constructed design

Now that you have read our lineup of best air fryers in 2017, you can make an informed and wise choice.  Cooking your favorite grilled, toasted, baked and fried foods healthily and with very little oil will become easier and quicker with the proper airfryer.You will get your money’s worth and change over to a healthy lifestyle while enjoying your favorite foods as before.

Nuwave Brio Digital Air Fryer Reviews 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

NuWave Brio Air Fryer review: Magnanimous and smart kitchen ware

The Brio Air Fryer is manufactured by NuWave appliances. Founded in 1993 by Jay S. Moon, NuWave has been one of the biggest manufacturers of kitchen appliances. Jay S. Moon used to work for LG appliances IBC USA, but he quit and started his own business to create NuWave. Later in 1997, he created an amalgamation of Hearthware home products with his product technology, so that he could create better kitchen appliances for a healthy cooking. Later in 2014, his company’s name changed and it became today’s NuWave, LLC. They have consistently produced the most safe, strong, and efficient kitchen ware products since the time of their inception. They are the first to adapt the latest technology and do their all to provide you an excellent service.

Their philosophy is of “Live well for less” and it is reflected upon all of their products. And that is the reason why even the NuWave Brio Air Fryer is one of the most economically efficient and affordable air fryer for everyone. NuWave Brio Air Fryer is a combination of innovative hard work and artistic design, which has come together to craft such a brilliant kitchen appliance. Let’s find more about its specifications and features in the next part of this review.

Features and specifications of NuWave Brio Air Fryer

NuWave Brio Air Fryer has the dimensions of 11” X 8” X 13” and weighs just eight pounds.  NuWave Brio Air Fryer is one of the latest and technologically adept electric fryers that you can find in the market today. It is a critique’s choice and is very efficient in its working to cook mouth watering delicious food. The NuWave Brio Air Fryer cooks food by utilizing a combination of high speed air and hot air in a perfect way. It is durable, light weight and compact, so that you can take it anywhere without even a shard of hassle.

You can use this fryer to easily bake, grill, air fry, and roast all kinds of food items without relying on any oil. So, now all of your food will be incredibly healthy as you can simply cook delicious food without using it at all. Finally, it also comes with a removable drawer and an alluring food basket, which comes with nonstick coating that will last for ages. The NuWave Brio Air Fryer’s food basket and drawer are both completely dishwasher safe, that means you will not have to worry about cleaning them at all.

LED controls

The NuWave Brio Air Fryer comes with brilliant LED controls that can help you regulate how your food is cooked by just the press of a button. You will be able to use these controls to change the temperature and settings, as to how you want your food to be cooked. The LED control screen also enables you to operate the fryer even under low lighting conditions. And it has a sleep design, which rids you of the hassle of using switches and nozzles.

Cooking efficiency

NuWave’s Brio Air Fryer is designed to give you the most efficient and delicious cooking. It does not require the use of any oil and so it gives you a taste of even healthier cooking. It comes with a pre-heat feature that automatically pre-heats the machine even before you have put in your food, so that you can accurately measure the temperature inside the fryer for a better controlled cooking experience. You can control at what temperature your food is cooked on by regulating it from 100 degree Fahrenheit to 390 degree Fahrenheit, in five degree increments. The food that you cook inside this fryer will be cooked equally and dynamically as per your needs and at a faster rate than any other type of fryer.

Where is NuWave Brio Air Fryer manufactured?

The NuWave Brio Air Fryer is a kitchen ware appliance manufactured by NuWave incorporations inside its branches of United States of America. It comes with a warranty that is one year long, which can help you replace your NuWave Brio Air Fryer, if you somehow attain a faulty copy.

Even though, the company aims at maintaining both the quality and the quantity of its products, sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, malfunctioning products can slip by. So, to help overcome those errors, you should call the company, if you have become a victim of attaining a broken or malfunctioning product, or a NuWave Brio Air Fryer, which worked fine for a while, but then broke in a few months.

Any queries or complaints that customers have regarding the NuWave Brio Air Fryer can be addressed to the customer service department of NuWave by phone by using the toll free number- 1-877-689-2838

Advantages of using NuWave Brio Air Fryer

As you have already understood all information about the NuWave Brio Air Fryer, there still are a few advantages that come with buying this particular product. If you are thinking about buying the NuWave Brio Air Fryer, then you should check out its advantages given below:

  • The NuWave Brio Air Fryer provides you with a brilliant design and technologically advanced air fryer.
  • It utilizes the speed and temperature of air to cook your food. This is the reason why the food cooked inside this fryer does not need any kind of oil.
  • It comes with interactive LED controls that allow you to regulate the way your food is cooked, which gives you the power to control the temperature of the food.
  • It comes with a pre-heat feature, which can ensure that your food is cooked accurately and at a faster pace.
  • Due to its air speed and temperature control, all of your food is cooked evenly, and that helps it retain its taste and not get overwhelmed with seasonings and oil.
  • It also comes with an advanced feature of safety that can prevent it to operate unless and until the food basket is in its place.
  • The NuWave Brio Air Fryer only weighs 8 pounds that makes it a perfect appliance to easily take anywhere from dorms, camps, RVs, to any kind of outing.
  • You can use this fryer to bake, grill, broil, air fry, or barbeque easily and that too without any usage of oil.

These are but a few advantages that come with the NuWave Brio Air Fryer and yet there are a few disadvantages that come with it as well.

Disadvantages of NuWave Brio Air Fryer

Here are a few disadvantages that come with NuWave Brio Air Fryer:

  • It has a food basket, which is not very big, and so it limits the food that you can cook at one time inside this appliance.
  • Due to the usage of air as a means to cook your food, your food might be a bit extra dry than normal, but then that can be solved by providing moisture by olive oil or coconut oil.
  • It has software that can be potent to error and can screw up the LED controls, rendering the appliance impossible to use.
  • It uses more energy than any normal fryer, but makes up for it by using it efficiently.
  • It is little expensive than regular fryers, but does contain many capabilities that other fryers don’t.

Customer reviews

Most of the customers are happy with their purchase even months after buying as they note that the NuWave Brio Air Fryer works perfectly even with continuous usage. Many customers are also very happy with the taste of the food, which they cook inside their NuWave Brio Air Fryer. They explain that the air dry technology actually enhances the taste of the food.

Customers are not happy buying this product from a third party seller, as they note that those particular models happen to be faulty and can break down in a couple of months. Many customers note that the taste of chicken wings, fish, potatoes, corn and beef is especially very succulent when cooked inside this fryer, as it can cook your food evenly in just ten to twenty minutes.

While cooking, many customers have noted that they do not have to flip their food inside the fryer, as it can cook the food on all sides consistently even without the usage of any oil or seasonings. They also call upon the fact that the controls inside this fryer are incredibly easy and the temperature regulation can be done without any hassle.

Bottom line

The NuWave Brio Air Fryer is one of the best air fryers in the market today. It is a perfect electrical fryer that incorporates the usage of air speed and temperature to cook your food. You can easily control the settings of your cooking and the temperature at which you want the food to be cooked by its LED controls. It comes in a sleep alluring design with smart technology that enables it to cook any food without oil. For healthier and tastier cooking, you should definitely choose Nuwave Brio Air Fryer.