Copper Chef Grill Mat Reviews – 2017 Buyers Guide

Copper chef grill mat

Copper Chef Grill Mat is developed and marketed by Tristar Inc., a reputed name in the As Seen on TV segment. The company has several established brands and proven domestic and international distribution channels. It has a domineering presence in over 100 countries. Based in New Jersey, the company offers products that comprehensively cover the needs of customers successfully.

Copper Chef is one of the products of the company that is hugely popular for its innovative cookware range. The Copper Chef Bake and Grill Mats are part of Copper Chef series. They aim at easy, stress free and efficient grilling and baking.

Copper Chef Grill and bake sized mats are ideal for your barbeque meals with their high heat resistance and reduced tendency of flare-ups and burning. The mats with nonstick coating are reusable and reversible offering you an ideal solution for your grilling and baking needs.

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions of Copper Chef grill mat include 12.7 x 1.3 x0.9 inches and it weighs 4.8 ounces. The order includes two packs of Copper Chef grill mats that have 2 large and 2 small mats

Easy and stress free grilling

While grilled foods are mouthwatering and delicious fare, making them is a messy and tiring task. Not only do you have to contend with flare ups and burnt food, but the clean up afterwards is downright difficult. And if it is veggies you are grilling, you have to constantly watch over them lest they fall through the grate gaps. Copper Chef Grill mat makes grilling a breeze with its nonstick and hassle free construction.

Efficient cooking

Copper Chef Grill mats are innovatively designed to spread heat evenly. Since the surface has nonstick covering food does not stick to the surface. You can grill fish filets, cheese and meat without the sauce or cheese sticking to the surface. Even small sized veggies can be grilled without worrying about them falling through the grate.

Tasty and delicious food

With Copper Chef Grill and bake mats, the marinades and sauces you had painstakingly prepared would never go to waste anymore. They stay on the food and better still the food retains the attractive grill marks that everyone loves.

Easy clean up

The grill mat makes grilling a neat and clean job. You will not have to cleanup any charred mess on the grill as the mat prevents any food or baste from falling on it. The mat can be removed, cleaned and used again. You need to just wipe the mat and load it in the dishwasher. The mat eliminates any tiring scraping and scrubbing that is generally needed with the conventional grills.

Where is Copper Chef Grill Mat Manufactured?

Copper Chef grill and bake mat is made by Tristar products in Wallingford, Connecticut. Just as the Copper Chef pans and induction stove top, the grill and bake mats are of top quality and feature nonstick coating that ensures an easy and efficient cooking.

Warranty and Customer service

For queries and complaints regarding the product, customers can contact the company via phone at 973-287-5172. Both Spanish and English agents are present to clear customer doubts and complaints. The company can also be contacted via email at the address, Response to emails will be answered promptly between 9 am and 5pm on weekdays.

What are the advantages of Copper Chef grill mat?

  • Very effective for grilling food
  • Easy to use and cleanup
  • Does not produce flame sparks, as the juices and sauces do not drip on the fire.
  • Prevents food from falling through the grill bars
  • No burning or flare up in the grill

What are the disadvantages of Copper Chef Grill Mat?

  • Grill marks are not intense when meat is cooked
  • Difficult to keep the mat clean
  • Mat quality is not good as food sticks to it and also had leaks after some time.
  • Grease from food pools on the mat and causes flare ups
  • Not large enough

Customer reviews

A majority of customers who used the Copper Chef Grill Mat feel that it is a very good solution for grilling. The nonstick coating and quick heating design ensures cooking perfectly grilled meat and vegetables without any mess, flare ups, burnt or wasted food.

However a few customers have mentioned that the nonstick coating does not last long. It wears off resulting in food getting stuck to the mat. The quality of the grill mat is also not good, as it starts to leak after a while.

Bottom Line

Copper Chef Grill Mat with its hassle free design ensures you have a great time grilling food to perfection without leaving any hard to clean mess. The Eric Theiss endorsed grill mat, while being as effective as advertised, is a bit expensive. However, if you have always faced ruined food or veggies falling off through the grill, the mats are ideal to bolster your grilling experience. The 60 days money back assurance is a big advantage that you can make use of, if needed.  If you consider the price a drawback,  there are other less expensive alternatives online like BBQ grill mat or Accustom, or even in your local stores that you can buy and save money on the shipping and handling fees.