Copper Chef pro reviews

Copper chef pro review:  High efficiency no hassle cooking solution       

Copper Chef Pro is developed and marketed by Fusion Life Brands affiliated to Tristar Products. Tristar Products Inc. is a renowned name in the direct response ‘As Seen on TV’ industry. The company has several popular and well established brands.

Over the years it has gained a domineering presence with its numerous domestic and international distribution channels and popular brands spread across 100 or more countries. Headquartered in New Jersey, Tristar Products are aimed to satisfy customer needs completely. Copper Chef Pro is one of the cookware introduced by Fusion Life Brands as part of the Copper Chef Cookware series.

Copper Chef Pro is a premium grade non-stick cookware that makes home cooked meals a breeze. The non-stick pans of heavy gauge are ideal for use in oven and on all cooktops up to a temperature of 950 degrees Fahrenheit.

Copper Chef Pro features

Copper Chef Pro is available as a set of 8 pieces that include

  • 11 inch square pan with lid made of tempered glass
  • 12 inch round pan 360 with lid made of tempered glass
  • 10 inch Dutch oven with lid made of tempered glass
  • Fry basket
  • Steamer Rack
  • Recipe book

Dimensions and weight

The Copper chef Pro package dimensions include 26.8 x 14.3 x 6.3 inches and the weight is 15.3 pounds.

All in one cookware

Copper Chef Pro set is a multipurpose cookware that  easily replaces several kitchen utensils including rice cooker, stock pot, frying pan, roasting pan, wok and baking pan. The non-stick cook ware can be used to cook any type of meal without added oil, grease or butter.

The three pan combo consisting of square pan, Dutch oven pan and round fry pan have cerami-tech non-stick coating ensuring food does not stick to the pan surface. You can easily make healthy desserts and meals with the pan set.  The induction plate with stainless steel heating channels provides high heat conduction ensuring perfectly cooked food every time you use the pans.

Convenient cookware

The appealingly designed pans and Dutch oven can withstand high temperature of about 850 degrees Fahrenheit. You can transfer the pans right from the stovetop to your oven and to the table easily without need to use different dishes. Thus you can cook and serve in the same dish reducing a lot of hassle. The non-stick coating ensures food does not stick to the pan making cleaning a breeze. The dishwasher safe feature is an added benefit ensuring you keep the pans sparkling clean.

Versatile cooking efficiency

The Copper Chef pro pans are designed to hold more quantity of food. They have extra deep and extra-large dimensions allowing 25% more space for cooking, when compared to the conventional round pans.  The Cerami tech non-stick coating along with induction via stainless steel channels ensures rapid and even cooking that can be done on any stove top including gas, electric, induction and ceramic cooktops.

All three pans have glass lids made of tempered glass with steam vents to ensure food cools down a bit before you start serving it. The pan features handles made of durable and robust stainless steel. While the round pan has two handles, the square pan is made with three handles. The strong handles ensure you carry the dish safely.

Safe cooking

The non-stick coating is free of PFOA and PTFE, ensuring you cook food in a safe environment without having to worry about toxic emissions from the coating. The pan is also safe to use in dishwasher making cleaning a quick and easy job.

Manufacturer Info and warranty

Copper Chef Pro is a product sold by Fusion Life Brands based in New Jersey. The product is assembled in China and imported and marketed by Fusion Life Brands. Any queries related to the product can be cleared by contacting the customer service at 973-287-5100. The product has a money back assurance of 60 days excluding the shipping and handling charges.

Why you should consider Copper Chef Pro

  • Nonstick ceramic-tech coating
  • Heavy gauge aluminium core of 3 mm with ceramic coating
  • Can be used on all cooktops
  • Pan can be moved from stove top to oven to table easily
  • Cleaning is easy due to non-stick coating and dishwasher safe feature
  • Able to cook without adding oil, butter or grease
  • Recipe book helps in providing great meal ideas

Why you should not consider Copper Chef Pro

  • Non-stick coating does not last for long. Food tends to stick and is difficult to clean
  • Foods that need to be heated over 850 degrees Fahrenheit can cause the pan to char.

Customer reviews

Customers who had bought the Copper Chef Pro set like the beautifully designed pots that help in cooking different types of dishes in a breeze. The multipurpose cookware is also very efficient and reduces cooking time.

However a few users have mentioned that the non-stick coating wears off in a few weeks leading to food sticking stubbornly to the pan making cleaning a very difficult job. Some users also feel that the quality of the cookware is also not very good.

Bottom Line

Copper Chef Pro set of 8 pieces is a veritable treasure every kitchen should have with its multipurpose cooking pans.  The various sized pans along with fry basket and cookbook make the price a wonderful deal that customers should not miss. However since like other Copper Chef pans and other brand pans, the non-stick does not work, you need to consider this well before you buy the product as you can purchase the pans individually at a lesser cost. And there are alternatives like Gotham Steel pans that can also be considered.


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