Copper Chef XL Reviews 2017 – Buyers Guide

Copper Chef XL review: Larger capacity for a better cooking experience

Copper Chef XL is developed and marketed by Fusion Life Brands, a part of Tristar Products. Fusion Life Brands is committed towards creating a line of health care products that enable people to relax more, eat better and live a happy life. Its line of products includes juicers, food processors, cookers and other healthy living products.

The company aims at equipping health conscious people to regain full control of their health via its products. The extensive kitchen appliances range at Fusion Life Brands makes food preparation easy and healthy. The products aim at minimizing obesity, which is becoming a serious and uncontrollable problem now. Copper Chef XL is part of the Copper Chef pan series from Fusion Life Brands.

It is a well-designed cookware of 11 inches diameter performing a diverse range of tasks simultaneously. If you love cooking and want to have a complete range of cookware for various cooking tasks, the Copper Chef XL set is a must buy product, as the set serves multiple purposes making the time you spend cooking, more enjoyable and fruitful. Instead of running around the kitchen trying to find the right cookware for your dishes, the multipurpose Copper Chef XL set covers everything you need freeing you of all hassles.

Feature highlights

Copper Chef XL set order includes a complete range of cookware that include

  • A square shaped fry pan of 11 inches
  • Fry basket for deep frying
  • Steam rack
  • Pan lid made of tempered glass
  • Recipe book
  • Induction cooktop

Dimensions and weight

Copper Chef XL casserole pan has dimensions of 15 1/4 inches in width and a height of 4 3/8 inches. It weighs 4.6 pounds.

Versatile cookware

With Copper Chef XL casserole, you can replace several cookware items like stockpot, steamer, wok, rice cooker, roasting pan and baking dish easily. The Copper Chef Casserole pan also serves as chafing and casserole dish, pasta pot, frying pan, sauté pan, electric cooker and slow cooker.

Normally you would require different cookware of various sizes to take care of the various cooking tasks and finding products for each one of them is a difficult one. The space such pots and pans take up is also a big consideration. The Copper Chef XL set takes care of all your cooking needs easily.

Any recipe that requires baking as part of the preparation besides using a stovetop, the pan is very useful as it can withstand a high temperature of 850 degrees and is oven safe. This versatile feature is very handy when you want to cook complex meals in a short time without any of the hassles involved in using multiple pans and not to mention cleaning them all and storing them.


Copper Chef XL pan set is made of high quality nonstick covering that is infused with Cerami-tech feature. The excellent nonstick coat helps even the stickiest meals to slide from the pan easily. The accessories you get with the Copper Chef XL pan including racks for steaming and roasting, fry basket and recipe book help you cook variety of dishes in a breeze and prepare them tasty and healthily too. The lid made of tempered glass helps to cook food faster and avoid splattering of food all around.

The construction of the pan is similar to other earlier Copper Chef pans and includes five layers namely

  • A double top layer of polished ceramic coating free of PFOA and PTFE
  • Base ceramic nonstick coating
  • Aluminum core for better thermal conductivity and even heat distribution
  • Outer coating of high temperature resistance
  • Stainless steel induction base for longer heat retention and faster heating

The high quality nonstick makes the pan scratch resistant and also maintains an aesthetically pleasing appearance. When compared to the 9.5 inch Copper Chef pan, the 11 inch pan is bigger and hence can cook more food in shorter time.

Safe and healthy cooking

Copper Chef XL pan is coated with innovative Cerami-Tech, which is free of harmful and toxic PFOA and PTFE.

When the pan is heated at high temperatures it does not emit any toxic substances that pollute the air or food you cook, hence you can have peace of mind that the food cooked in the pan is safe for your family.

Further,  since the pan can easily withstand temperature of 800 degrees Fahrenheit it can be used safely in all types of heat sources including oven, induction, electric and gas cooktops. The lid made of tempered glass is also safe to use up to 350 degree Fahrenheit.

Easy Maintenance

The Copper Chef XL casserole pan with its cerami-tech feature makes it easy to cook food as food does not stick to the pan even while cooking at a high temperature. Food just slides off the pan without having to add butter, oil or grease. Cleanup is hence easy. You need to just use a mild dishwashing liquid to clean the pan. It is also safe to use in dishwasher as the robust coating does not peel off, scratch or chip easily.

Induction Cooktop

The Copper Chef XL induction cooktop provides an efficient cooking medium for the Copper Chef XL pan. The 1,300W Copper Chef induction cooktop provides great flexibility in cooking with its versatile features that include

  • Five different preset options for temperature
  • LED digital display
  • Auto shutoff
  • Timer feature
  • Cooktop made of high quality ceramic
  • Has dimensions of 13.5 inches X 3 inches X 15 inches and weighs 5 pounds
  • It can be used to fry, grill, steam, boil and simmer
  • Induction compatible pans of sizes between 8 inches and 12 inches can be used on the induction cooktop
  • Has a 60 day limited manufacturer warranty

Induction cooktop surface

The induction cooktop works by current conduction via electromagnetic field. The cooktop remains cool while cooking as heat is through induction.  However the part of the surface that is in contact with the cooking pan is very hot and should not be touched until it cools. The surface has durable ceramic that is high heat resistant.

Safe and convenient

Since the cooktop does not have open flame or heating coil or any other radiant heat source, the risk of burns or kitchen fires is eliminated. The auto shutoff and timer feature ensure energy is conserved and the Standby mode too helps in saving energy. The cooktop does not contain any knobs or dirt traps, so is very easy to clean. It is touch-sensitive hence operation is also a breeze.

However you should know that the induction heating surface will work only when you use the right sized pan. Further pans made of copper, glass, ceramic or aluminum will not work with the induction cooktop.

Where is Copper Chef XL pan manufactured?

Copper Chef XL set is marketed by Fusion Life Brands, a well-known name on the As seen on TV segment. The product is assembled in China and is sold by Fusion Life Brands based in Fairfield, New Jersey. The product is available with a 60 day limited manufacturer’s warranty.

The customer service offered for Copper Chef XL is good. For any queries or complaints regarding the product customers can reach a company representative via email or phone. For contacting via phone, call at 973-287-5188. Both Spanish and English speakers help out with your queries. The email contact address is

Why you should buy Copper Chef XL set?

ü  It is a set of five pieces serving as good multipurpose cooking aids

ü  Very versatile cooking pan design

ü  Induction cooktop turns off automatically for added safety

ü  Price is very cheap for a set of 5 pieces

Why you shouldn’t buy Copper Chef XL set?

û  Since the pan is large, you need the right sized induction cooktop for cooking using the induction burner.

û  Nonstick coating wears off after some time, so special care should be take while using dishwasher

Customer reviews

Copper Chef XL pan is a larger version of Copper Chef 9.5 inch pan. Consumers who have bought the XL pan find it to be durable with a good nonstick surface. The larger 11 inch pan helps to cook more amount of food conveniently.

However there are a few issues that users mention such as the fact that it is not made of copper but just a copper colored aluminum.  A few users have mentioned that the induction cooktop does not heat evenly. It is more useful for keeping food warm than for doing heavy cooking like deep frying foods.

The raised center of the pan, which is probably due to the stainless steel channels of the induction plate fixed to the pan, causes food to move to the corners resulting in uneven heating and food getting stuck to the pan.

The steamer and fry basket, although are great to use, can cause scratches in the pan.

Many users have also complained that the nonstick cerami-tech coating does not last long. With several alternatives available in the market at the same price or lesser considering another viable alternative will help counter the issues faced with the Copper Chef XL set.

Bottom Line

Copper Chef XL with induction cooktop is a cool way to cook food. With its 6 in 1 cooking feature and five layered construction, the Copper Chef is a great replacement for the current pans and pots you have in your kitchen, which take too much clean up time.

For a stress free cooking time Copper Chef XL is a great solution. It can cook more quantity than the normal pans and reduce your time in the kitchen. While there is the issue of the nonstick surface wearing off soon, by taking the necessary precautions like avoiding metal utensils and proper cleaning instructions, you can easily prolong the lifespan and make the most out of your investment.