Copper Crisper Reviews 2017 Buyers Guide

Copper Crisper Review: Cook delicious fried foods without oil

Copper Crisper is from Tristar Products, which is a leading player in the popular ASOTV segment. The company has established itself as a successful entity for many decades now and has an extensive range of products.

All its products are well established both in the domestic and international segment and have an extensive reach in over 100 countries. Some of the popular products the company has introduced include Copper Chef Square Pan, Power Pressure Cooker, Power AirFryer, AbRoller, Ab Coaster, Power Juicer and more.

Copper Crisper is from Copper Chef makers. It is designed to cook fried foods in oven without any added fat or oil. You can easily turn your oven into a high performing Air Fryer with the Copper Crisper. The cookie sheet included snags all the drippings and grease easily leaving you perfectly fried foods without any hassle.

Feature highlights of Copper Crisper

Copper Crisper is an incredible 360 degrees crisping fryer you can use in your oven to get crispy and crunchy foods without adding any fat or oil. Here are the important features of the crisper from Copper Chef makers.

Dimensions and weight

The dimensions of Copper Crisper include 13.1 inches x 0.1 inches x 3.4 inches. The basket has dimensions of 8.7 inches x 11.9 inches, while the tray has a dimension of 9.6 inches x 12.8 inches. The Crisper weighs 1.6 pounds.

Innovative design

With the conventional aluminum foil and cookie sheets, food gets cooked fast at the bottom and very slow at the top due to the absence of ventilation.  Thus you will be left with burnt food. Copper Crisper avoids this by its innovative construction.  The grill ridges are of deep outdoor type higher by at least five times, when compared to regular grill pans.

The nonstick tray has a unique elevation, which allows heated air to move 360 degrees around the food resulting in evenly brown and crispy food.  You need not keep turning the food to make it evenly grilled. The griddle pan easily converts your grill or stove top to a professional grade griddle.

Perfectly grilled and seared food always

Copper Crisper has deep ridges in its grill that make prefect grill marks without leaving behind a mess.  With regular grills you have to scrape and scour the char from your grill.  The nonstick coating in the crisper prevents fish fillet from sticking. The cookie sheet with non-stick ceramic coating prevents any spills and crumbs from falling into the oven.

Where is Copper Crisper manufactured?

Copper Crisper is made by Tristar Inc. which is based in Fairfield, New Jersey. The product comes with a 60 day money back assurance and a lifetime warranty on the ceramic coating.  For any queries or complaint related to the product, you can contact the company at the phone number: 973-287-5176. Email contact is also available and the address is

Why you should consider buying Copper Crisper

  • Good quality ceramic nonstick coating
  • Vegetables are crispy and meat is cooked to perfection
  • Easy to clean up
  • Food need not be turned constantly for even cooking
  • Great for baking chicken, bacon and bratwurst patties

Why you should not buy Copper Crisper

  • The size is small. It needs to be bigger at least twice its size to feed the whole family
  • Taste is not like the real deep fried foods
  • Stains easily
  • The pan is not made of copper but just a coating of copper

Customer reviews

Customers who bought the Copper Crisper mention that it is great for baking fried chicken, which although was not like deep fried chicken had a crusty outer layer.   The lack of instruction guide and recipe book is a big disadvantage many customers have mentioned.

The size is also too small resulting in having to cook in several batches.  Although it is advertised as nonstick with warranty for the ceramic coating, foods do stick to the crisper and it is difficult to clean.

To get an evenly crispy and browned food it is best to use single layer of food.  Too low layer of food will make it dry while multiple layers will make the food hard.

Bottom Line

Copper Crisper with its nonstick mesh and tray helps to crisp food without hassles of rotating the food. The ventilated tray avoids burning of food in a better way than a tray without ventilation. The cookie sheet under the tray catches all the grease, crumbs and drippings from mesh basket.  The crisper function is moderately good as you cannot get the same results as frying food in oil or grease. The nonstick layer does not work well and food tends to stick.  For a better air fryer, you should consider products like AirWave, Cooklite etc. which cost the same as the Copper Crisper and work just as good too.


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