Gotham Steel Pan Set Cookware – Buyers Guide & Reviews

Gotham steel pan set review: Stylish and sleek pots and pans for a wonderful cooking experience

Gotham Steel pan set is manufactured and marketed by E.Mishan& Sons, Inc. (Emson). The company is a family owned entity popular for its extensive As Seen on TV productsline-up. With more than seven decades of experience in branding products of mass appeal, Emson believes in providing its customers outstanding quality products that are innovative and deliver complete satisfaction. Beauty care, pet care, personal care, non-electrical goods, electrical appliances, fitness products, outdoor productions and auto products are some of the categories the company promotes. Gotham Steel Pan is one among the extensive list of products the company markets internationally.

Gotham Steel 10 piece set of pots and pans is a robust set of cookware with titanium and ceramic non-stick blend.  Gotham steel pots and pans have titanium of superior quality for high durability of the pan. The pans with their durable titanium and toxins free non-stick ceramic coating ensure safe cooking and healthy meals for the entire family. The light weight pans with appropriate handles enable hassle free cooking. They are easy to move from stove top to table with their convenient design.

Outstanding features of Gotham Steel Pan Set

Gotham Steel Pan set of 10 pieces boasts of top notch quality pans and pots that ensure maximum durability and multifunctional utility. Food slides off easily from the pan thanks to the ceramic titanium non-stick coating.

Pan construction

The Gotham Steel Pan set includes

Frying pan of 8.5 inches diameter

Fry pan of 10.5 inches with glass lid

Pots of 5 quarts, 2.5 and 1.5 quart with glass lid for each

Steamer made of aluminum

Dimensions and weight

The product package dimensions include 23.5 inches x 8.5 inches x 12.8 inches and the combined package weight is 12 pounds.

Versatile cooking efficiency

The titanium ceramic nonstick surface of Gotham steel pan set ensures the pan reaches a high threshold of heat resulting in perfectly cooked food that slides off breezily from the pan including burnt cheese and chocolate. Most importantly the material is of superior quality ensuring flavor of food is not changed even while cooking acidic foods. The pans and pots can be used on stove tops and oven effectively. The coating withstands regular use and clean up without peeling or chipping off.

Ease of use

Gotham Steel Pan set is designed to ensure you have a worry free and productive time in the kitchen. The high heat resistance of 500 degrees Fahrenheit helps using the cookware in an oven as well as any type of stove top except an induction stove. The light weight body, nonstick coating and rust free construction makes handling and cleaning tasks a breeze.

Safety features

Gotham Steel Pan set has excellent safety features. The nonstick coating is free of toxic chemicals such as PFOA, PTFE and PFOS, so you can be assured of cooking healthy foods for your family. The firm and strong handles, dishwasher safe feature and top quality titanium and ceramic make the pan set highly safe for cooking at high temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where is Gotham Steel pan set manufactured?

Gotham Steel Pan set is developed and promoted by Emson Inc., which is a well-established family owned company based in New York, USA. The parts are manufactured in China and assembled and sold in the USA.

The Gotham Steel set of pots and pans come with a manufacturer warranty of 90 day money refund in the event of customers not being satisfied with the product. The warranty is exclusive of the charges towards handling and shipping.

Any queries connected to the product will be addressed appropriately by contacting the customer service department of the company at the phone number – 888-326-0978

Advantages of Gotham Steel Pan Set

  • The set of pans and pots are very useful for cooking a variety of dishes
  • Ceramic coating with nonstick is of superior quality
  • Titanium is infused in the ceramic coating to ensure fast heating
  • Can be used to cook at high heat
  • Material is very durable
  • Cleaning the pots and pans is easy due to nonstick coating

Disadvantages of Gotham Steel Pan Set

  • Price is very high
  • Scratch proof characteristic does not work as advertised.
  • The pans and pots set is of low grade quality copper and titanium
  • The bottom layer easily chips and peels

Customer Reviews

Customers who have bought the Gotham Steel Pan Set find the non-scratch and nonstick feature quite good. The superior design features make the pans and pots heat quickly and to a high temperature of nearly 500 degrees.

However, the nonstick loses its effectiveness in a matter of a few weeks resulting in food getting stuck to the pan bottom and removing the sticky food or charred food is a big difficulty.

The coating both outer and inner coating would survive better, if you refrain from heating the pan to a high temperature. Maintaining the heat to a medium level will prolong the life of the pan.

Adding oil or butter to food, while cooking can decrease the performance of the pan largely. However, adding just a dab of butter or oil and low to medium heat enhances the lifetime of the pans and pots.

Bottom Line

Gotham Steel pan set is a great addition to your kitchen with its pots and pans of different sizes and capacities. The copper and titanium construction makes the pan set ideal for most of your cooking needs. However to retain the nonstick pan set performance, it is best to use medium heat and a bit of seasoning. The toxic free coating, well designed stylish pots and pans and dishwasher safe features are additional benefits that will further heighten the efficacy of Gotham Steel Pan set making it a must have addition for your kitchen.


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