Gotham steel pot reviews

Gotham Steel Pasta Pot Review

Chef Daniel green mentioned that cooking can become easier by using Gotham steel pans. It has a non-sticky ceramic surface and is made of titanium. It allows you to cook different types of foods, whether it is eggs, cheese, or other food items without the use of oil or butter. These pans are very safe to use.

If you are looking for a way to make one pan recipes, then Gotham steel pans can help you in that as well. They are safe to use up to 500 degrees. Gotham steel is a cookware partner of the world food championships in 2017. It guarantees perfect straining and delicious meals every time.

Dimensions and construction

The Gotham Steel Pasta Pot is light weight and is available in 4 quarts and 5 quarts capacity. It has a built-in strainer. It is made up of non-stick ceramic and titanium. It has twist and lock handles. The semi-circle locks rotate on the edge of its lid. Whenever this pasta pot is not used, it rotates back into the handles. This useful design makes the Gotham steel pasta pot unique.

The Gotham steel pasta pot is a non-stick pot.  This pasta pot enables you to cook pasta in an easier manner by avoiding the elaborated procedure. It comes in a creative design and with incredible features. Additionally, it is made up of a strong and durable material that prevents it from getting scratches.

 Smartest way of cooking food

This Gotham Steel Pasta pot gives you a guarantee to cook pasta in abundant quantity. The pot does not need butter or oil as it is a non-stick pot. You can even make popcorn using this pot without using any grease. This pot helps individuals in keeping up with their lifestyle and diet goals.

 Delicious and healthy pasta

The Gotham Steel Pasta pan allows users to cook food with minimum calories. The non-stick ceramic and titanium body of this pan does not allow ingredients to stick to the surface. This pot helps you to make healthy and tasty pasta.

Design and functionality

The straining holes present inside the Gotham steel pasta pot allows water to pass through it without any food wastage. These holes allow straining of different types of foods. The liquid gets drained out very quickly. The amazing lock and twist handles of this Gotham Steel Pasta pot can be rotated to keep the lid intact while cooking food. This pot is compatible with metal utensils. It can be used for making other recipes, including popcorn and desserts.

Science involved

The Gotham Steel Pasta cookware has a thin teflon coating. The substances used to give it a non-stick coating use their magic by preventing the food and pan from sticking to one another, which normally happens under extreme heat conditions. Thus, you can make pasta in this pot without any sticking issues.

Heating sources approved for a non-stick pan

A titanium non-stick pan is acceptable because of its gas burners. There are many sources that recommend avoiding the use of titanium cookware on electric stoves as it conducts heat at a very fast pace. It can also shut down the thermostat inside the burner. You should carefully read your user manual before actually using this pot as these things are manufacturer-specific.

The use of Gotham steel Pasta pot on an induction stove can be very risky. For a pot to work effectively on induction cook top, its bottom should be made up of ferrous body. Titanium is not a ferrous metal that means it is not made up of magnetic body consisting of iron.

Advantages of using the Gotham Steel Pasta Pot

ü  Indestructible coating

ü  Non-stick

ü  Combines ceramic with titanium

ü  Twist and lock handles

ü  Straining holes to drain water

ü  No oil or butter is required while cooking food

ü  Available in 2 different capacities, including 4 quarts and 5 quarts

ü  Cool to touch

ü   Indestructible coating

Disadvantages of Gotham Steel Pasta Pot

û  No ferrous surface

û  Stay cool handles are not as cool as advertised

û  Good quality pots can be expensive

Customer reviews

Some of the reviewers said that that they made scrambled eggs using medium heat in Gotham Steel pan. It worked out well for them. They are happy with the non-stick quality of the pan. They also said that you should cook food in this pan at a low flame.

On the flip side, some of the reviewers were disappointed with the Gotham steel pasta pan. They said that they cooked food in this pan at a very low flame and the burn marks ruined the pan. They also said that this pan was delivered to them in a faulty condition.

However, some reviewers mentioned that this pan is easy to clean and lightweight. They said that people are giving this pan a bad rating because they are cooking food on medium to high flame.  Nevertheless, the pan is not actually like what it claims to be.

The bottom line

The Gotham steel pasta pot is a great invention in the world of cooking. It offers you a great and easy way of cooking food. This Gotham Steel pasta pot provides you a smart way to cook your food. Plus, it enables you to cook delicious food. It has a unique design and functionality. The best thing about this pot is that it helps you to stay healthy and fit as you do not have to add butter or oil whenever you cook food in this pan.

The twist and lock handles is the best feature of the Gotham Steel Pasta Pot that keeps the lid intact while cooking and draining water. The ceramic technology used in this pot is also one of its incredible features. It protects the pot from getting burned or scratched up.

Plus, this pasta pot has straining holes that allows the water to pass through easily.  This pasta pot is also available in 4 quarts and 5 quarts capacities. Overall, this pasta pot is a great addition to your kitchen.


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