Gotham Steel Pan Reviews 2018 Buyers Guide

Gotham Steel Review: Give your kitchen the nonstick advantage

Gotham Steel Pans belong to the As Seen on TV industry. Manufactured and promoted by Emson (E.Mishan & Sons), the pans are a highly popular nonstick cookware series. Emson is renowned for its innovative products that focus on providing 100% customer satisfaction with their exceptional quality.

The family owned institution is 70 years old and hence possesses a wealth of experience in mass appeal and quality products. The product range includes an extensive number of categories including beauty care, pet care, outdoor use products, fitness, and auto, non-electrical and electrical appliances.

Sharper Image, Ab Rocket and Bell &Howell are some of the highly popular brands Emson has marketed worldwide.  Gotham steel pans and pot series of cookware is a segment of patented products that the company promotes.

Gotham steel pans are popular for their stellar combination of strong titanium and nonstick ceramic. The layered pans are made of superior quality titanium to ensure they remain durable for a longer span of time. Further the nonstick coating is designed in such a way that it does not emit any toxic materials that can harm children and adults. The light weight pans are convenient to use and can be easily shifted from the stovetop to the oven or to your table.

Smart nonstick construction

With a robust endorsement by reputed Chef, Daniel Green, Gotham Steel nonstick pans are definitely unique when compared to other nonstick pans in the market. The pans are innovatively constructed with a coating of super strong titanium and ceramic nonstick material.

The pan is constructed with unique smart technology resulting in better performance and quality. Titanium is not the only component of the pan. Since making a pan made of just Titanium would be a very costly affair, the makers have just added a coating of Titanium with aluminum core. The pan has a handle made of stainless steel.

Highly efficient and convenient cookware

Cooking in Gotham steel pans is a quick and easy task.  You can easily cook any type of food including cheese, eggs and steaks. The nonstick ensures food does not stick to the pan and when cooking is done, the food just slides off the pan even without adding oil, butter or grease.

And you need not have to use special utensils for fear of damaging the nonstick, as it is metal utensil friendly material. Moreover the pans make it easy to cook one pan dishes.

You can use the pans on any type of stove top and shift them to the oven and to the dining table without having to use different cookware. And cleaning is also a breeze with the dishwasher safe construction.

Safe cooking with Gotham Steel Pans

One of the first concerns that customers have with nonstick cookware is the safety factor. The Teflon coating used commonly for the nonstick surface emits harmful substances such as PFOS, PFOA etc. when the pan is heated to high temperatures.

Fortunately, Gotham steel pans are free of such harmful toxins as they have a safe ceramic nonstick covering. And with Gotham steel pans, you will not have to worry about gray streaks on your food that occurs when you use cheap quality nonstick pans.

The nonstick is of superior quality ensuring it does not crack, peel or chip with use. In fact, according to the manufacturers you can use metal utensils on the pan, clean it with wire mesh and even use it in a dishwasher.

Taking care of Gotham Steel cookware

With a powerful nonstick ceramic coating, Gotham Steel pans are very convenient to cook in and to clean too. The pans are completely dishwasher safe. You can use your metal spoon while cooking food in the pans and even use a wire scrubber to clean the pans. But with the nonstick covering you will not have to resort to such measures.

Wiping the pan using paper towel is enough to clean the pan in most cases, if you do the cleaning immediately. If you cannot do so, you can soak it in soap water and clean it. This will ensure you clean the pan without any residue sticking to it.

Gotham steel pan models

The popularity of Gotham Steel pans have resulted in the makers introducing several models of the pan which include

  • Gotham Steel Pans
  • Gotham Steel Square Pan
  • Gotham Steel xl
  • Gotham steel pots and pans
  • Gotham Steel Pasta Pot

Here is a detailed review of each of the Gotham Steel products complete with advantages, drawbacks, customer reviews and our valuable conclusion, so you will have a clear knowledge about the product and choose the right one.


  1. Gotham Steel Pan

Gotham steel frying pan is made of top quality titanium and nonstick ceramic coating. The pan is ideal for frying and other types of cooking too. It is available in three sizes -11 inches, 9.5 inches and 12.5 inches.  The pans are available as a three pan set and also sold separately.

The manufacturers claim that you do not need to use butter, oil or grease the pans help in easy and healthy cooking. The nonstick also helps to transfer cooked food to your plate conveniently. And it is metal utensil friendly cookware, so you can use metal spoons and other utensils without damaging the nonstick coating.

Important features of Gotham Steel Pans

  • Dimensions and weight: Gotham Steel frying pan of 9.5 inch diameter has a dimension of 16.3 inches x 9.5 inches x 1.8 inches. The pan weight is 1.8 pounds.
  • Toxin free nonstick: The nonstick ceramic coating is free of toxic chemical such as PFOA, PTFE and PFOS.
  • Durable Titanium Ceramic: The frying pan is made of top quality titanium and ceramic for hassle free and fast cooking
  • Energy efficient: The pan is designed with good heat conductivity. It requires only low heat to cook efficiently.
  • Reduced cooking time: The aluminum core and Titanium infused ceramic nonstick coating ensure cooking time is reduced markedly.
  • Easy clean up: The superior quality ceramic coating provide good nonstick capability so food does not stick to the pan making cleaning easy.
  • 90 days money back manufacturer warranty


ü  Food gets cooked fast with low heat

ü  Pan weight is adequate to handle it without any worry of it toppling over

ü  Three sizes to choose from

ü  Well-constructed pan


û  The pan surface is too small

û  Is not compatible with induction stove

û  Handle is very thin

Customer reviews

Customers who had bought Gotham steel frying pan find its heating efficiency quite good. It is also convenient to handle. But many customers have complained about the nonstick coating, which did not work.

Most of the foods including eggs stuck to the pan and made it difficult to clean too. And some viewers mention that the food stuck even after using oil or other seasoning.

The nonstick coating also chipped off in a few weeks. Some of the users had issues with the customer service not being supportive and a few users recommend an increased warranty span as the 90 day warranty is very short.

  1. Gotham Steel Square Pan

Gotham Steel Square pan belongs to Gotham Steel pan models manufactured by Emson. While round fry pans have been the mainstay in the market for a long time, they have certain drawbacks like insufficient space for cooking and uneven heat conduction.

Gotham Steel square pan is designed to eliminate the disadvantages in the round shaped pans.  The square pan is sold as part of 4 piece cookware set that includes square pan with induction base, glass lid, fry basket and steam rack.

Important features of Gotham Steel Square pan set

Dimensions: The square pan dimension is 20.1 inches x 9.9 inches x 5.8 inches. The pan weight is 4.3 pounds.

Additional space: The square shape allows additional space for cooking more amount of food. The pan is capable of frying four chickens (whole), four burgers, 16 bacon strips and more. 25% additional space is enabled by the square shaped build of the pan.

High heat resistance: The pan is capable of withstanding high temperature of about 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Safe for use: The nonstick ceramic coating is free of PFOS, PFOA and PTFE. It is also dishwasher safe.

Multiple- piece set: The steam rack, fry basket and lid provided with the set helps in preparing different types of dishes easily on the oven or stovetop or both. Fry basket helps to drain oil completely ensuring non greasy and crispy food all the time.

Steamer accessory: The steamer added to the cookware set helps to steam vegetables and other foods retaining the healthy nutrients and minerals in the food.

Ultra-efficient: The titanium and ceramic combo construction ensures fast and worry free cooking

Flame proof: It is easy to flambé food without damaging the pan. It can also be used in bbq grill and on very high heat without causing any damage to the pan surface.

Why you should buy Gotham Steel Square pan

ü  Efficient cooking quality

ü  Easy clean up

ü  Scratch resistant nonstick covering

ü  No hotspots present

ü  More space

Why you should not buy Gotham Steel Square pan

û  The depth is not sufficient

û  Weight is very less than anticipated

û  Steamer is small allowing veggies to fall off the sides and via slots

Customer reviews

Customers who bought Gotham Steel Titanium Ceramic square pan of 9.5 inches found it easy and practical to cook in and clean up every day.  They are happy with the quality and like the fact that they could use it regularly in their kitchen.

While the nonstick coating worked wonderfully initially, with time, food got stuck to the pan making it difficult to remove it. The coating also had scratches within weeks of its use and even when the customers took adequate care to follow instructions.

Some customers recommend using low heat to ensure the nonstick works as advertised. And the pans did not work with most induction stovetops.


  1. Gotham Steel XL

Gotham Steel XL pans form an excellent variation of the regular Gotham Steel pans. With customers using the regular Gotham steel pan complaining about the pan size not sufficient for cooking for four people or a whole family, the makers have come up with the XL variation.  Just as the round and square Gotham steel pans introduced earlier, Gotham Steel XL pans are made of a titanium and ceramic nonstick material.

Important features of Gotham Steel XL pan

Dimensions and weight: The XL pan dimensions include 15.7 inches x 11.2 inches x 6.5 inches. The weight of the pan is 5 pounds.

Scratch resistance: The nonstick ceramic coating provides good scratch resistance eliminating any worries regarding damage to the coating. You can use metal utensils without damaging the pan due to the high scratch resistance.

Safe nonstick pan: The pan does not have harmful and toxic chemicals such as PTFE, PFOA and PFOS. You can be assured of cooking healthy and nutrient rich meals with the pan.

High heat: Heat resistance is very high in the XL pan, which can withstand up to a high temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why you should consider Gotham Steel XL pan

ü  The pan is 25% bigger when compared to normal square pan

ü  Has endorsement by Daniel Green, the noted chef and TV celebrity who guarantees the pan is perfect for making s’mores and baking cheese.

ü  The fry basket accessory provided helps to fry foods without grease and a high level of crispiness

ü  Steamer helps in providing a healthy meal

ü  You can bake, steam, fry and do other types of cooking easily with the XL pan.


û  Handles of the pan get heated easily, so you have to have an oven mitt nearby whenever you are cooking in the XL set.

û  Nonstick is not durable and wears off in a short time.

Customer reviews

Customers who have bought the XL pan found that it is a wonderful addition to their kitchen. They found the size sufficiently large to cook bigger quantities. They mention that the nonstick is of good quality hence they use it every day. A few customers wanted the pan surface to be of thicker make and durable one.

  1. Gotham steel pan set

Gotham steel pan set is an exclusive set of pans and pots that have versatile functionality and high durability. All components of the 10-piece set keep up with the reliability and efficiency that Gotham steel pans are known for.

Typical features of Gotham Pots and pans

Dimensions and weight: The entire package dimensions include 23.5 inches x 8.5 inches x 12.8 inches and the package weight is 12 pounds.

Package contents: Gotham steel pots and pans include

  • Pans of 8.5 inches and 10.5 inches diameter and the 10.5 inches pan has a glass lid
  • Pots of 1.5 quart, 2.5 quart and 5 quart and all pots have lids.
  • 5 quart pot has steamer attachment

Superior Construction: The cookware set is made of titanium infused ceramic nonstick with aluminum core for enhanced cooking efficiency

Nonstick technology: The titanium-ceramic nonstick surface ensures you can cook food without adding butter, oil or grease

Metal Utensil friendly: The surface of the cookware has high scratch resistance. So, it is possible to use metal utensils on them without worrying about damage to the nonstick surface.

Efficient heating capability: The pans and pots can withstand high temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit making them ideal for use on any type of stove top and oven

Durable cookware: The pans are light weight making them easy to handle and they are also rust proof.

Toxin free: The nonstick surface is free of harmful substances such as PFOA, PTFE and PFOS ensuring the food you cook is safe for consumption.

Easy cleaning: Gotham steel set of pots and pans are totally dishwasher safe and also easy to clean up after cooking making them perfect for beginners as well as professionals


ü  Superior quality ceramic and titanium for better cooking

ü  Titanium helps in faster heating

ü  Cooking set is multifunctional

ü  Nonstick covering ensures easy clean up


û  The price is very high

û  Scratches are formed easily on the pan

û  The metal coating on the bottom part of the pan peels off

Customer reviews

Customers who had bought the 10 piece Gotham steel set find the cookware set to be very useful as all the pieces are light in weight and have even cooking capability. The long handles help to lift the pans without using potholders.

However a few users have mentioned that the nonstick layer does not perform as advertised. Foods stuck to the pan and were difficult to remove and the bottom layer fades away fast.

A few users recommend using seasoning before cooking in the pans and pots to ensure the nonstick remains undamaged. Many users are also not happy with the customer service as their warranty claims were not addressed.


  1. Gotham Steel Pasta Pot

The pasta pot is one of the unique nonstick Gotham Steel pots.  As the name suggests, the pasta pot is made for cooking pasta. It can also be used to boil other foods like potatoes or eggs.  It is unique as it comes with an inbuilt strainer, so you can cook and strain your pasta without any hassle.

Important features of Gotham Steel Pasta Pot

Top quality material: The pot is made of nonstick ceramic infused with titanium and an aluminum core

Oil free cooking: The nonstick coating ensures you need not add oil, butter or grease for faster and easier cooking

Straining holes: Small and big sized straining holes are present in the lid for efficient straining of not only pasta but also eggs, potatoes and other foods.

Twist & lock handles: The handles feature twist & lock mechanism for ease of use

Riveted handles: Handles are contoured and made of top quality stainless steel. They have double rivets.

Durable lid: Lid is made of durable tempered glass with handles that remain cool

Attractive Exterior: The exterior surface is made of high quality enamel to give a smooth and appealing finish

Dimensions and weight: The dimensions of the pot include 12 x 9 x 7 inches and the weight is 3 pounds

Warranty: 90 days money refund warranty


ü  Titanium ceramic nonstick is very good

ü  Cooking pasta and straining it is no more a chore

ü  The smart lock handles help to drain quickly and effectively

ü  The different sized holes for draining help to efficiently drain food


û  Handles get too hot

û  The smaller holes prolong the straining time which can be frustrating

Customer reviews

Customers who had bought Gotham Steel Pasta Pot liked its well-designed style and the easy and tight locking handles.  The light weight but sturdy design and cool to touch handles made straining easier.

However, just like in other Gotham Steel pans and pots, the nonstick is a big issue. But with proper care the nonstick can be protected and the longevity of the pot increased.

Another issue with users is the small size of the pasta pot. It is quite small for a family. And it cannot be used on an induction stove.

Gotham Steel Pan manufacturer information

Gotham Steel pans and pots are made by Emson. The company is based in New York, USA. All Gotham Steel products come with a 90 day money back guarantee. This does not include the handling and shipping charges. For queries related to refund and other complaints, the customer service department of Emson products can be contacted via phone at 888-326-0978.

Is Gotham Steel better than Copper Chef?

Copper Chef is a nonstick cookware with many features identical to Gotham Steel pan. The nontoxic ceramic coating, multipurpose cooking vessel and efficient heating are some of the similarities you can find in both the brands. But there are several differences too. Let us have a look at them

Copper chef

Copper chef pan is a nonstick easy cleanup pan with induction base. The superior quality nonstick pan with riveted handle makes it easy to cook without added butter, oil or grease. The pan is a versatile cookware that can function as wok, baking dish, roasting pan, stock pot, rice cooker and steamer. The copper coating and induction base ensure fast and evenly distributed heating.

Outstanding features of copper chef

Coating- Nonstick ceramic that is free of PFOA and PTFE

Construction– Made of ceramic and stainless steel with lid of tempered glass

Heating efficiency– Can be heated up to 850 degrees

Base – Made of induction base with stainless steel channels that is fused with aluminum present in the pan base

Handle– Riveted handle that is resistant to high temperature and can be used in oven

Gotham Steel pan

Although Gotham Steel is a nonstick ceramic coated pan like Copper Chef, it has certain differences when compared to Copper Chef.

Outstanding features of Gotham Steel Pan

Coating – Ceramic nonstick infused with titanium for quick and efficient heating

Construction –The pan is made of Ceramic, titanium and stainless steel

Base of pan– Metal ring with scratch guard

Heating efficiency– Can be heated up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit

Handle – Cool to touch handle made of stainless steel

How does Gotham Steel pan compare with Red Copper?

Red Copper pan is similar to Gotham Steel pan and both belong to As Seen on TV segment. The nonstick surface quality, dishwasher safe feature and heating up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit are the similarities you can find in both brands.  Here are the differences seen in them

Outstanding features of Red Copper

Coating – Nonstick ceramic with copper

Base – Made of Copper

Handle – Stainless steel handle that gets heated easily due to its presence near heat source

Heat efficiency– Copper helps in quick and even distribution of heat providing effective cooking results

Outstanding features of Gotham Steel

Coating – Nonstick ceramic infused with Titanium

 Base – Metal ring with scratch guard

Handle – Cool to touch good quality handles made of stainless steel

Heat efficiency – The aluminum core provides quick heating and even distribution of heat

Bottom Line

Teflon nonstick pans were a big craze when they were introduced but the interest in them soon fizzled out when it was found that these had toxic substances that could harm people. In the aftermath of the Teflon debacle, consumers are certainly wary about the nonstick cookware that is marketed with zeal. Fortunately the new line of ceramic nonstick pans offers great promise.  With nonstick cookware, you can save quite a lot of time and effort, and the cookware is just what consumers need in the present fast paced world.

Gotham Steel pans with their innovative titanium ceramic nonstick coating are an ideal choice for your kitchen with their scratch resistant and toxin free nonstick covering. High heat efficiency and microwave safe design make them a great selection to have.

However with the nonstick quality coming under the scanner a lot, you need to take proper care no matter what the manufacturers claim on the contrary. And there is always the alternative choice of purchasing a similar nonstick pan in your local stores that will save you more money and give you the value you are looking for.

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