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Power pressure cooker XL review : Quick, healthy and hassle free cooking                           

Tristar Products, a premier company in product marketing industry is well known for products like Power Juicer and Genie Bra. The company has been leading in the field of direct response for more than 25 years. It is a dominant force in the international and domestic market capable of turning a concept into a powerful brand and transforming the brand to a leader in the field. Power Pressure Cooker XL is one of the products developed and marketed by Tristar Products.

Power Cooker XL utilizes state of the art infusion technology resulting in amazing flavor filled food. The pressure cooker traps steam at high temperature within the pot ensuring the food you cook retains its nutritive value and intense flavor. The high level of pressure inside the cooker helps to keep moisture and liquid locked in the food. With single touch cooking settings for fish, vegetables, rice, beans, stews, soup, fish and meat, the pressure cooker aims to make cooking an amazingly easy job with splendid results. Let us delve into the product and see whether the manufacturer claim that it is the ideal cooking aid is true or not.

Important specifications of Power XL Pressure Cooker

Power Pressure Cooker cooks all your slow cooking recipes 70 percent faster. Single pot quick meals are rendered to one touch affair with the Power XL pressure cooker. The main features of the product include

  • Designed with flavor infusion system to lock nutrients and flavor inside food resulting in sumptuous and healthy meals
  • Perfect for cooking and canning vegetables, fruits and much more
  • Digitalized display panel
  • Automatic warming mode
  • Good safety features
  • Available in 8 and 6 quart sizes
  • Dimension of the product is 12.5 x 14x 12.5 inches
  • Product weighs 9 pounds

Top notch construction quality

The Power Pressure XL cooker is designed with top quality features and materials. Its housing is made of superior grade stainless steel. The big and sturdy handle helps to use the cooker conveniently. The inner pot is made of nonstick coating making it easy to cook and clean. It is also safe to use in dishwasher making it a user friendly product.

Further the device sports single touch buttons for preset feature. The lid has a safety lock feature that helps to release inbuilt steam, when it increases beyond the acceptable level. The device sports manual adjustments for cooking time and pressure setting.

The product package includes a canning book, recipe book, steamer tray, chopper, a ladle, measuring cup, and inner pot made of aluminum with nonstick Teflon coating that is removable and dishwasher safe.

Easy and effective cooking solution

Cooking is often a laborious task that takes up a huge chunk of your time and drains you of your precious energy. Not to mention the time taken to scrape and clean pans after cooking. But all this can be avoided with the intelligently designed Power cooker. It can make cooking look a breeze. You have to just push a button  from the various settings present and all your favorite foods will be ready in record time with nearly no clean up required.

Smart cooking design

The significant component in the Power XL cooker is its air tight cover. The lid seals perfectly, trapping steam heated to a high level inside the cooker. This high pressure environment forces moisture and liquid into food preserving the essential nutrients and intense flavor of the food.

When compared to conventional ovens, the cooker is capable of cooking 70 percent faster and the food tastes sumptuous too. The preset option enables you to choose any type of cooking with a single touch. You can easily and quickly whip up a perfect meal with the cooker. The XL size makes it easy to cook for more number of people effortlessly.

Power cooking

The nonstick coating of the inner pot and lid with excellent seal enables you to cook food in a healthy way. You will not have to add too much fat, and the vitamins and other precious nutrients are retained in the food. Vegetables are crisp and tender with the fiber content preserved ensuring you get a nutritious and healthy meal always.

Convenient Cooking

Cooking is ten times faster without compromising the succulent taste and flavor of slow cooked meals. This makes the Power pressure XL cooker the most economical, as it saves energy and time by cooking meat to perfection. With its smart design feature, the XL power cooker replaces seven different kitchen devices including cookware, rice cooker, steamer, soup maker, canner and slow cooker. The single touch feature and preset cooking timings make cooking convenient; and it is done in far less time and without any hassles.

Where is Power XL pressure cooker manufactured?

Power Pressure XL cooker is manufactured in Wallingford, Connecticut. It is developed and marketed by Tristar Products, which has launched several popular brands in the domestic and international circuit. The company products are reputed for their top quality design, celebrity endorsement and good customer service. The company has done more than a billion dollars via sales.

Reasonable warranty

Power XL Pressure Cooker is provided with a limited warranty of 60 days. The refund amount is exclusive of the shipping and handling charges. The manufacturer offers a warranty upgrade of 3 years for an additional charge of $15 and for $30 an extended warranty of 6 years. The 60 day assurance of money back begins from the purchase date.

Customer service

Power XL cooker has good customer service backing. In case of any queries or for refund details, you can contact the customer service via phone at 1-973-287-5159. In case of refund request, you will receive an authorization number for the merchandise and an address to which you have to send the item back. The handling and processing charges will be deducted from the refund amount. Customer service can also be contacted via email at info@powerpressurecooker.com

Advantages of Power XL pressure cooker

  • Cooks food fast because of excellent pressure design
  • It is easy to use
  • Has several cooking time and temperature options making it easy to slow cook foods, when needed
  • The construction quality is pretty good
  • Nonstick Teflon coating helps to cook food with less fat and it makes it easy to clean the inner pot too
  • The well-sealed lid and quick heat pot helps reach the required cooking temperature fast ensuring food is cooked ten times faster.
  • Available in different capacities including 10, 8 and 6 quart.

Disadvantages of Power XL pressure cooker

  • The time taken to reach the required pressure is more, which should be included to the time taken for cooking. It takes about 20 minutes for the pressure buildup.
  • Online purchase is expensive due to the high shipping charges
  • Food tends to stick in spite of the non-stick coating
  • Timer does not work properly.
  • Canning is not possible when you are 2000 feet above from seal level and even below that range.

Customer Reviews

Power XL pressure cooker has received good reviews overall for its innovative cooking design. The one touch cooking settings, and easy canning and cooking of one pot recipes is a great hit among users.

Many users have found the keep warm feature especially good. And the fact that it replaces many different cooking devices is an added plus as it reduces many hassles you encounter while cooking different varieties of food.

However the pressure cooker does have some negative reviews, the most important of which is the long time taken for shipping the product. A few customers have complained that the delivery time took as long as 3-4 months, while most customers had the delivery time within 6 weeks.

And a few users have mentioned receiving the wrong model –Power Pro instead of XL. And while the long delivery time and wrong model are the fault of the company, the users had to pay the shipping and handling charges twice for returning the product and getting the right one that they had initially ordered.

Other negative reviews involve the laborious cleaning time taken than what the customers had expected. And many customers have expressed their displeasure over the Teflon coating.  A few users mention that the cooker does not maintain the required pressure and burns food making it difficult to clean. The inadequate directions present in the user’s manual and insufficient support, when queries are made are other concerns that users have expressed about the product.

Bottom Line

Power XL pressure cooker exhibits competency in a very competitive field. While there are drawbacks such as shipping and delivery delay and concerns about nonstick coating, the overall performance of the cooker is generally good. The recipe varieties you get to cook, timer setting and the accessories available with the product make it an essential kitchen appliance to own. While earlier the XL model was available in only 6 quart capacity, now you can choose from 10 quart, 8 quart and 6 quart. However with the market being flooded with similar models, you can also choose less expensive models like Cuisinart pressure cooker and Emeril that are available locally and have fewer issues.


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