Red Copper 5 Minute Chef Reviews

Red Copper 5 Minute Chef Review: Fast And Easy Cooking Without Any Mess

Red copper 5 minute chef is developed and promoted by Bulbhead, which is a division of Telebrands. Telebrands is a popular name in the As Seen On TV industry. It has an extensive product collection that includes Stone Wave, Greenic Cookware, Windshield Wonder, Red Copper pan and more that are well received by customers.

With more than three decades in the direct response industry, Telebrands is dedicated towards providing products that solve the routine problems that customers face regularly. The Red Copper 5 minute chef by Bulbhead is a product that is targeted at customers who want a quick, mess free and efficient cooker that makes cooking a breeze.

According to the manufacturers, Red Copper 5 minute chef is an incredibly fast electric cooker that can dish up a meal in less than 5 minutes. The double sided device is a compact countertop that is coated with 100 percent copper. Created to simplify cooking in the most efficient way the electric cooker helps eliminate the mess that you get with conventional cooking pans and methods. Here is a detailed review of the product.

Feature Highlights

Red Copper 5 minute electric cooker is an ideal addition to your kitchen as it not only cooks efficiently but also makes cooking a fast and easy job.

How does the electric cooker manage this? Here are the main features that make the cookware a 5 minute cooking wonder.


Red Copper as the name indicates is infused with top quality pure copper. Copper cookware is preferred by chefs due to the efficient heating they provide. You will not have any hotspots or uneven heating in the cookware. The material is ideal as it ensures food cooks evenly and the cooling down is also rapid. So you have your dishes ready in a jiffy. This helps to prepare different types of dishes in less than 5 minutes, which makes the Red Copper cooker a valuable investment. In addition to balanced heat distribution, the Red Copper has a double coating of nonstick and scratch resistant surface making it super easy to cook foods without any added oil or grease.

Dimensions And Weight

The Red Copper 5 minute double coated chef package includes copper infused nonstick electric cooker, spatula and recipe guide. The dimensions include14.8 x 5.8 x 4.2 inches and the produce weighs 3.3 pounds.

Cooking Efficiency

Being made of copper and a double coating of nonstick material, the 5 minute Red Copper chef is designed to make your cooking fast and efficient. You can cook food evenly all over including the top and bottom portion simultaneously. The countertop model is very convenient. You have to just place the ingredients in the copper well which is oval in shape and cover it with the lid. In just a few minutes your food is ready. The unique feature in the Red Copper chef is the entire cooker can be flipped over for dishes that need even cooking all over.


Since the copper countertop 5 minute chef is made of scratch resistant and nonstick ceramic with copper, your food will not stick to the pan thus avoiding any unmanageable mess. And as it is nonstick, you will not require any additional oil for the cooking making it healthy too.

With the 5 minute chef, you can easily avoid the fuss of using multiple utensils for cooking. You can easily cook foods of different varieties from dump cakes to omelets in the single cooker.  And the electric cooker takes up minimal space on the countertop and while storing.

Where is Red Copper 5 Minute Chef Made?

Red Copper Chef is a quick and efficient countertop cooking unit that is made by Bulbhead, a division of Telebrands. Manufactured in New Jersey, USA, the product is offered with a 60 minute money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the 5 minute chef, you can get a refund provided it is within 60 days of your purchase date by contacting the customer support.


ü  Ideal for cooking foods that do not use much grease such as cake or eggs

ü  Easy to clean because of nonstick coating

ü  Construction is good

ü  Easy and simple to use without any elaborate settings or other features

ü  Great for travelling, singles, college students and others who want to cook food quickly and without much  effort


û  Is difficult to cook food with grease like chicken or hamburgers as grease collects around the cooked food and spills out when flipped

û  Size is too small. It is not sufficient for cooking meals for a family

û  Lid pops off after a few minutes of cooking causing food to splatter around

Customer Reviews

Customers who have used the 5 minute chef from Bulbhead like the cooking efficiency of the countertop cooker as it helps to cook dishes including cake, eggs and others. But many customers do not like the fact that grease pools around the food and spills over when the unit is flipped over. And several customers feel that the size is too small for feeding even a small family. Even chicken breasts need to be trimmed to fit inside the unit. The small space makes toppings in pizzas and bread being pushed too deep. Another drawback a few users mention is the lack of temperature settings. Some users feel the lid is not proper, as it flips open after a few minutes of cooking causing food to be thrown all over the place making cleaning a big chore.

Bottom Line

The Red Copper 5 minute chef is a fast and efficient unit that is ideal for cooking foods like omelet, cake, pizza, etc. But it is not ideal for cooking greasy food like Chicken breast, hamburgers and more. Further it is too small to cook for a family making it a good choice only for single person cooking. Thus if you are single, traveling or a college student looking to dish up food fast and with minimal effort, the Red Copper chef is a good choice. However when compared to other similar products in the market such as the grills from George Foreman, which are less expensive, the Red Copper does not meet the expectations of users fully.


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