Red Copper vs Gotham Steel – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Red Copper vs Gotham Steel

The two popular cooking pans available in the market are the Red Copper and Gotham Steel pans. Both these pans are advertised highly on the television and internet. Both these cooking pans have a very similar appearance since both of them come with a copper-colored surface.

Moreover, both these cooking pans come with the non-stick features, which allow the food to easily slide off its surface, no matter what type of food you cook in them. However, this article will tell you whether or not both these pans are exactly the same. And, whether or not they come with their own unique features that make them different from each other? So, let us continue with this review of Red Copper vs. Gotham Steel cookware.

Red Copper

The Red Copper pans are advertised by the famous author Cathy Michell. These cooking pans are made of copper and ceramic with a copper-infused ceramic coating instead of a titanium-infused ceramic coating as is with Gotham Steel pans.

Copper is the best conductor of heat, which helps it to alter its temperature very rapidly according to the heat settings of the stove. This means if you cook food with more specific heat, then this is the cookware you should go for since it evenly distributes the heat and heats up rapidly, thus delivering excellent cooking results. The copper is really sturdy, which does not chip or peel the surface in the food.

The Red Copper pans are non-stick just like Gotham Steel pans. They are also extremely durable. Owing to the ceramic surface of Red Copper pans, the food slides off easily from their surface which means you can even make caramelized sugar in them.

With a high heat-resistance, Red Copper pans can bear a maximum heat of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, you can use Red Copper pans in the oven or on a stovetop. The Red Copper pans are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. They do not have any synthetic chemicals like PTFE and PFOA, which makes them safe for cooking.

Gotham Steel

The Gotham Steel pans come in several sizes ranging from 9.5-inch to 12.5-inch. Moreover, the shape of their different saucepans, pans, and pots also varies. Some frying pans are offered in a round shape and some pans come in square shape. They also offer their cookware in a set, which can save you money as compared to buying individual cookware items.

When it comes to the 12.5-inch cooking pan of Gotham Steel, its depth is 2.2-inch. It is fitted with a long and flat steel handle on its one side and one small handle on the other side so that you can lift it easily. However, pans smaller in size come with only one handle rather than two. The handles of these pans are nailed to the pan.

Gotham Steel claims that its cookware is different and new as opposed to other pans in the market since it features ceramic and titanium surface finishing. Titanium is sturdy enough to bear up rough use. Moreover, its pans have a longer durability and are abrasion-resistant. The metal from which these cooking pans are made of is incredibly light, which makes titanium cookware an ideal choice for taking on camping trips.

Gotham Steel pans are infused with ceramic coating along with titanium, which makes them wear-resistant as well as non-stick. With an aluminum core, these pans distribute the heat evenly as well as quickly, which helps in cooking the food very swiftly.

Furthermore, Gotham Steel pans do not have Teflon coating, which makes them free of any toxins or harmful substances such as PFOA, PFOS, and PTFE. You can also use their pans in the oven since they can resist heat up to a maximum of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Differences between Red Copper and Gotham Steel

Both the Red Copper cookware as well as the Gotham Steel cookware has very less features that separate the two. The main difference is the non-stick coating of both where a different element infusion is utilized.

The Red Copper cookware is made of copper-infused ceramic coating and the Gotham Steel cookware is made of titanium-infused ceramic coating. The means the metal properties are different for both. Where the copper pans allow you to cook with more accurate heat, the titanium pans offer better durability. Red Copper pans distribute the heat more evenly, thus delivering well-cooked dishes.

The other difference is between the prices of the two cooking pans, as the Red Copper pan is a bit cheaper than the Gotham Steel pan. Additionally, the cooking surface of the Red Copper pan is slightly wider than the Gotham Steel pan.

Other than this, both the cooking pans are almost same. Both of these pans are scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe. However, if you want to extend the durability of these cooking pans, you should wash them with hands. In fact, Red Copper advices to hand wash its cookware as per its instructions. You can also use a mixer in these pans.

Bottom line

Both the Red Copper as well as the Gotham Steel cooking pans are great options if you want to cook healthy food since both of them are equipped with non-stick features. They do not have Teflon, which can mix the food with harmful substances and toxins like PFOA, PFOS, and PTFE.

Moreover, both these pans have non-stick attributes, which allow the user to clean them easily as well as quickly. This means both of them are almost similar to each other, save for their price, cooking surface size, and ceramic coating infusion.

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